National Friend Day

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Hello there, fun-loving friend-seekers! Today we're about to dive into a wholesome celebration that's all about bonds, laughter, and a lot (we mean a lot) of inside jokes - National Friend Day! That's right, there’s a day to celebrate your pals, your buddies, your comrades-in-arms, your...okay, you get the point.

When is Friend Day?

It's national friend day on the 31st July.

A Brief History

National Friend Day has been slowly making friends (pun intended) across the internet. With a whopping 19641 mentions online, folks really started chattering about it on July 31, 2020. Perhaps that was the day when we all realized how much we valued those zoom calls with our buddies during a shared experience we shall lovingly call Lockdown Life.

Every Buddy Loves a Friend

Indeed, it seems that friendships, the internet, and lockdowns were a match made in social media heaven. From shared playlists to cooking challenges to ‘whose pet does the weirdest thing?’ competitions, friendships found delightful and often hilarious avenues for expression online.

The Power of Friendship

It's no surprise National Friend Day has taken off with such gusto. It speaks to the very human need for connection, camaraderie and, let's face it, someone to laugh with when you accidentally mute yourself on a work call. Or is that just us?

A Friend a Day Keeps the Blues Away!

Finally, as we delve into the annals of internet history to understand the rise of this thoughtful day, we can't help but appreciate the magic of friendships. So, let's raise a proverbial toast to our friends, near or far, old or new, human or pet, for making our lives a little brighter, our laughter a little louder and our internet history a little friendlier.

Did you know?

Did you know that the most popular way to celebrate National Friend Day online is by sharing 'best friend' memes? Humor truly is the glue that binds us together!


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