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Sink your teeth into this deliciously salted guideline, focusing on the internet-rich history of National French Fry Day! It’s a tasty ticket to explore a day dedicated to these crispy golden beauties, that the online world just can't get enough of. So, loosen up your belts; this is one fry-full ride!

When is French Fry Day?

It's national french fry day on the 13th July.

The Skinny on National French Fry Day

Let's cut to the chase (or fries), National French Fry Day is a yearly spectacle that takes place on July 13. But why July 13, you ask? Honestly, we're as stumped as a peeled potato. It seems that this crisp, tasty date was plucked out of the blue. But hey, nothing wrong with some delightful randomness now and then!

An Internet Hit

Since its inception, National French Fry Day has been embraced by the digital universe with open arms and open mouths. We picked up over 42,471 online mentions, with the highest recorded on July 13, 2016. From food bloggers expressing their spud-desire, to restaurants luring fry-fanatics with deals, this day fries up the internet every time.

Who Claims the Fame?

The honor of inventing these golden sticks of delightfulness is disputed between Belgium and France. Both countries have deep historical connections to the miraculous transformation of potato into the divine delicacy we relish today. As to who celebrates National French Fry Day more enthusiastically, we're still counting the ketchup bottles.

The Worldwide Love for Fries

No meal is complete without a side of crispy, hot fries. From the U.S. to Asia, everyone has a soft corner (and sometimes a soft belly) for these greasy gems. Some dunk'em in mayo, some top them with cheese, some like them straight up salty. To each their own fry-tastic delight!

And there you have it!

That's a short trip down the deep fried memory lane of National French Fry Day history. So next time you're biting into a perfectly crisp french fry, remember, it’s not just a side dish–it's a worldwide celebration.

History behind the term 'French Fry'


Introduction of Potatoes to Europe

In 1653, Potatoes were introduced to Europe by Sir Walter Raleigh. He brought them back from his travels to South America, where potatoes were already a dietary staple. However, the initial popularity of potatoes in Europe was limited, as they were mainly used for animal feed and believed to be poisonous.


French Culinary Innovation

French chef François Louis Leconte is often credited with creating the precursor to the French fry, known as Pommes de Terre Frites or fried potatoes, around 1680. He cut potatoes into long, thin strips and fried them in oil until they were crispy. This culinary innovation quickly gained popularity in France.


Thomas Jefferson's Role

Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, is believed to have introduced French fries to America in 1781. During his visit to France, he became enamored with French cuisine, including the popular Pommes de Terre Frites. After returning to the U.S., Jefferson served French fries at the presidential table and helped popularize them among Americans.


First Known Use of Term 'French Fry'

The term 'French fry' first appeared in print in English in 1875, in the book 'Cookery for Maids of All Work' by E. Warren. It referred to the fried potato strips that had become synonymous with French cuisine. The term 'French fry' eventually caught on and became widely used to describe this specific style of fried potatoes.


McDonald's and the Popularity Boom

The fast-food chain McDonald's played a significant role in popularizing French fries globally. In 1955, when the first McDonald's franchise opened, French fries were included as a staple item on the menu. McDonald's perfected a technique of frying the potatoes in vegetable oil, which resulted in a crispy and golden exterior. This innovation propelled French fries to become one of the most popular fast-food items worldwide.


National French Fry Day

In 1972, National French Fry Day was designated by the United States as a way to celebrate this beloved side dish. Observed on July 13th each year, it recognizes the cultural significance and widespread love for French fries. On this day, people indulge in their favorite varieties of French fries and celebrate the history and impact of this culinary delight.

Did you know?

Did you know fries were first served in America by Thomas Jefferson after his time as ambassador in France? Quite presidential, right?


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