National Frank Day

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Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, wield a spatula, and put your grill skills to the test? We're not talking about just any grill fare—welcome to National Frank Day! Also known as 'hotdog' for all the uninitiated foodies out there. We’ve unearthed the sizzling yet enigmatic history of this day, buckle up, grab a Worcestershire sauce and let’s dive!

When is Frank Day?

It's national frank day on the 29th February.

When did it all begin?

Famed for its mysterious origins, our data has traced the most mentions of the National Frank Day back to February 29, 2016. Quite a leap! We suspect the day was created by a connoisseur of this tasty delight who decided to honor his favorite grub. And how could one resist the charm of a perfectly grilled frankfurter nestled in a fluffy bun?

But what is National Frank Day?

The day is all about celebrating the humble hotdog, or 'Frank' as it's lovingly called by many. So whether it's smoky, spicy, or savory, this day is all about appreciating this beloved snack with a culinary salute.

How is it celebrated?

In various ways actually—it could be a DIY hotdog party in your backyard, a contest for the craziest hotdog topping combination, or even a frankfurter-themed gathering with friends. The one rule? Let fun and food be the stars of the show!

Why should you join in?

Well, National Frank Day presents a fabulous opportunity to bond with loved ones over a hearty meal, experiment with recipes, and above all, revel in the joy food brings to our lives. So mark your calendars and make space for hotdog heaven.

History behind the term 'Frank'

9th century

Origins of the word

The term 'frank' traces its roots back to the Old English word 'franc', derived from the Old Frankish word 'franco'. This word referred to a member of the Germanic tribe called the Franks. The Franks were known for their bravery and were one of the most powerful Germanic tribes during the Early Middle Ages.

12th century

Evolution of the term

In the 12th century, the word 'frank' began to take on a new meaning. It started to be used to describe someone who was free, generous, and open-hearted. This shift in meaning reflected the cultural values of the time, where generosity and openness were highly admired qualities.

15th century

Usage as a personal name

During the 15th century, 'Frank' gained popularity as a personal name. It became a common given name for boys, especially in Europe. The name 'Frank' was associated with strength, nobility, and kindness, further solidifying its positive connotations.

17th century

Expansion of meanings

In the 17th century, the term 'frank' expanded its meanings. It started to refer to someone who was open and honest in their speech, actions, or conduct. This usage reflected the idea of sincerity and straightforwardness, which were valued virtues in many cultures.

19th century

Introduction to mail services

The term 'frank' took on a new meaning in the 19th century with the introduction of mail services. It referred to the privilege given to certain individuals, such as government officials and high-ranking military personnel, to send mail without postage. Their mail was marked with a special 'frank' mark, indicating that no payment was required.

20th century

Adoption in business

In the 20th century, the term 'frank' found its way into business jargon. It started to be used to describe a system of open and transparent pricing, where all relevant costs and charges were clearly stated. This usage reflected the importance of honesty and clarity in business dealings.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world record for most hotdogs eaten in 10 minutes is a whopping 75, achieved by Joey Chestnut at the traditional Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2020?


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29th February 2016

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29th February 2016

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