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Attention, grinning gum guardians! Here comes a day dedicated to that thin piece of string hidden in your bathroom drawer, yes, we’re talking about floss! Back with a history as entangled as last year's dental care routine, it's time to clear the plaque and delve into the wonderfully woven story of National Flossing Day.

When is Flossing Day?

It's national flossing day on the 25th November.

A Delightful Trip Down Memory Lane

If you found the most mentions of National Flossing Day lining the digital media landscape on 25 Nov 2016, you know you're not alone. The internet nearly imploded with 2071 mentions celebrating this day, proving that dental hygiene is anything but mundane.

Twisted Tales

National Flossing Day is the dental do-gooders' answer to the Thanksgiving hangover, reminding people to floss away the remnants of that turkey dinner. Before this day got the internet buzzing, it was merely a well-concealed secret among dental professionals.

Winding Through the Flossing Phenomenon

National Flossing Day has captured the hearts and teeth of people across the globe, making a humble piece of twisted string into a celebrity overnight. It employs the universal language of dental hygiene to break down the boundaries of geography and language. The day acknowledges the quiet hero that dutifully dislodges the nefarious bit of popcorn or turkey that, left unchecked, could lead to the dreaded dental apocalypse.

The Future of Flossing

From here on out, National Flossing Day is bound to be a steadfast fixture in the dental calendar, continuing to garner attention and spread smiles (and good oral hygiene!) far and wide. So go ahead, grab that floss and mark the next National Flossing Day in your calendar. You’ll not only be doing your teeth a favor, but also joining a global movement of dental warriors.

History behind the term 'Flossing'


Hip-hop inspires a dance move

In the early 1980s, a dance move called the 'floss' began to emerge in the hip-hop and street dance culture. Dancers would swing their hips in one direction while swinging their arms in the opposite direction, creating a flossing-like motion. The term 'floss' was used to describe this distinctive dance move.


Dental term gets a new meaning

Around the year 2000, the term 'flossing' took on a new meaning outside the world of dancing. It became synonymous with the act of using dental floss to clean between the teeth. This change in meaning was influenced by the similarity of the dance move's swinging motion to the action of flossing teeth.


Social media spreads the term

With the rise of social media in the 2010s, the term 'flossing' gained even more popularity. Videos of people performing the floss dance move went viral, capturing the attention of millions of viewers. The term became widely associated with the dance and gained recognition beyond the hip-hop community.


Fortnite brings flossing to the mainstream

The video game Fortnite, released in 2017, introduced an in-game dance emote called 'The Floss.' The emote featured a character performing the floss dance move, making it even more popular among gamers and pop culture enthusiasts. As a result, 'flossing' became a familiar term to a wider audience.

Did you know?

Did you know? The concept of flossing is older than you think. It’s suggested that prehistoric men used horse hair to floss their teeth!


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