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Bonjour, friends! Ready to celebrate the old red and white? You better believe it, we're talking about National Flag of Canada Day! Commemorating the day when maple leaf finally went solo and the 'Royal Union Flag' said adieu. Let's take a journey back to the frosty February 15, 1965, a day as vibrant as the flag itself!

When is Flag Of Canada Day?

It's national flag of canada day on the 15th February.

The Flapping History of Flag Day

The National Flag of Canada, fluttering with pride, was birthed on February 15, 1965. Before this glorious day, guess who was sharing the flagpole? It was the British Union Jack! To say the Canadians took a 'leaf' out of their own book to design their flag would not be an understatement, as that beautiful maple leaf got center stage.

Online Buzz

The year 2017 was quite cray-cray for this National Day, as the mention of National Flag of Canada Day tap-danced over the web with a whopping 10099 mentions. Yes, you read it right! February 15, 2017, was the most buzzing day: a 'flag-fluttering' day, if you will.

Flying high with Celebrations

When Flag Day comes around, Canadians break out their best red and white, holding parades, singing sessions, fireworks and more! Schools organize special programs to teach the importance of the flag and its historical significance.

A Flag Day Tip

For those celebrating from home, we have a neat lil' tip. How does a DIY flag sound that you can wave as you dance in your pyjamas? All you need is a white cloth, red paint and a big, hearty love for Canada!

History behind the term 'Flag Of Canada'


The Red Ensign

The first step in the history of the flag of Canada begins in 1868, when the Red Ensign with the Union Jack in the canton and the shield of the royal arms of Canada in the fly was unofficially adopted as the naval jack. This flag symbolized Canada's strong ties with the British Empire.


The Canadian Red Ensign

In 1892, the Canadian Red Ensign, a variant of the British Red Ensign, was proclaimed as the official flag for Canadian government buildings abroad. This flag featured the British Union Jack in the canton and the shield of the royal arms of Canada in the fly, similar to the previous flag.


The Arms of Canada

In 1921, the Arms of Canada were revised and simplified, leading to changes in the shield displayed on the Canadian Red Ensign. The new shield featured the maple leaves, which had been a symbol of Canada since the 18th century, and removed some of the more intricate elements from the previous design.


The Great Flag Debate

In 1964, the Canadian government initiated a nationwide flag design competition, which sparked a heated national debate known as the Great Flag Debate. Various designs were proposed, including those featuring the Union Jack, the fleur-de-lis, and the maple leaf.


The Maple Leaf Flag

On February 15, 1965, after much deliberation and debate, the current flag of Canada, featuring a red field with a white square containing a red, stylized, 11-pointed maple leaf at the center, was officially adopted. This design, known as the Maple Leaf Flag, was chosen to represent Canada's unique identity and symbolize unity and tolerance.


Official Status

In 1982, with the proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1982, the flag of Canada was granted official status and became an important national symbol. It is recognized and respected both domestically and internationally as the emblem of Canada.

Did you know?

Did you know the winning flag design was selected from over 3,000 submitted designs during a national competition in 1964? Now that was some serious flag making!


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