National Fish And Chips Day

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Batter up! Not for baseball, but for the golden, crispy delight that is fish and chips. Heralding from the shores of the UK, this delectable duo managed to swim across the Atlantic and into our hearts (and stomachs!). So much so, that an entire day, National Fish and chips Day, has been specially dedicated to honoring it!

When is Fish And Chips Day?

It's national fish and chips day on the 3rd June.

A Bit of History

Long before the online fever of National Days, back in the foggy lanes of 19th century England, our beloved fish and chips was born. From then on, their popularity kept soaring and sure enough, they made their digital debut with 2264 mentions detected on the internet! The most splashes were seen on 03 Jun 2016, marking it as the pinnacle of their cyber journey!

Reeled in by the Delight

A fried yeasty aroma, an identical set of golden twins - one flaky, the other crispy, and a side of peas to pay homage to its British roots. Is your mouth watering yet? National Fish and Chips Day fulfills its ode to this British culinary symbol by paying tribute to their democratic charm - equally loved by the wallet and the palate.

Off the Hook Celebration Ideas

How do we celebrate this day on the world wide web? Instagram a rustic serving of fish and chips from your favorite place, challenge your friends to a virtual fish and chips off, where everyone cooks their version and a chosen judge rates them over a video call. Maybe even recreate the good old UK pub experience at home, right down to the newspaper wrapping!

History behind the term 'Fish And Chips'


The Birth of Fish and Chips

Fish and chips first appeared as a working-class dish in London around 1863. The combination of fried fish and deep-fried potato chips quickly became popular in local communities, predominantly in the East End of London.


Joseph Malin Serves First Fish and Chips

Joseph Malin, a Jewish immigrant, opened the first known fish and chips shop in the world in Cleveland Street, London in 1860. By 1863, he had perfected his recipe and started selling fish and chips as a ready-to-eat meal wrapped in old newspapers, which became an iconic way of serving and packaging fish and chips for many years to come.


National Dish of Britain

In 1902, fish and chips gained even more prominence when they were declared the national dish of Britain. As the popularity of fish and chips grew, so did the number of fish and chips shops across the country. The dish became a staple, especially during times of rationing in the two World Wars.


Chip Frying Ranges

With the introduction of dedicated chip frying ranges, which allowed for more efficient and consistent frying, the quality of fish and chips improved significantly. These ranges typically used beef dripping or lard for frying, lending a distinct and delicious flavor to the dish.


Fish Filleting Machines

In 1935, the development of mechanical fish filleting machines revolutionized the fish and chips industry. This innovation made it easier and quicker to prepare the fish, leading to increased production and availability of fish and chips in many localities.


Decline and Revival

In the late 20th century, the number of fish and chips shops declined due to changing dietary habits and the rise of fast-food chains. However, in recent years, there has been a significant revival of interest in traditional British food, leading to the resurgence of fish and chips as a popular and beloved dish both in the UK and around the world.

Did you know?

Did you know that in World War II, fish and chips were one of the few foods in the UK not subject to rationing? Talk about a meal with a heroic past!


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