National Find A Rainbow Day

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If you've been yearning to spot some splendid spectra in the sky, then you're in luck! Let's lighten up and loosen up, step out into the great big canvas of blue and make a wish for our colorful arched friend to turn up, as it's 'National Find a Rainbow Day'!

When is Find A Rainbow Day?

It's national find a rainbow day on the 3rd April.

National Find a Rainbow Day: A Riot of Colors in the Sky

Dating back to when the first outlandish claims of pots of gold were made, rainbows have been captivating human hearts. They have been the muse for songs, poetry, and the wardrobe for the occasional high spirited music festival attendee. But let's face it, who can resist that burst of colors, which is quite literally, a refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky - Easy, science!

The Online Hype

Our online calendar marked 'National Find a Rainbow Day' with 2671 mentions all around the world. Interestingly, the fluttering confetti of mentions seemed to peak on April 3, 2021. What a remarkable surge in rainbow hunters we had that day! The internet was abloom with snaps of the elusive spectacle and its alluring arc.

Spotting the Spectrum

A fun pastime on this day can be frolicking outdoors after a spot of rain, delving into a physics lesson disguised as a joyful jamboree as you chase nature’s most kaleidoscopic phenomenon. Understand that rainbows only appear opposite the sun, and your shadow should point towards it. Each raindrop contributes one single beam of colored light — whispered the raindrop to the response from sunlight.

History behind the term 'Find A Rainbow'


The Birth of the Term 'Find a Rainbow'

The term 'find a rainbow' originated in 1637, during the English Renaissance. It was derived from the famous playwright and poet William Shakespeare's celebrated comedy 'The Merchant of Venice.' In Act III, Scene II, Portia delivers a poignant monologue that includes the line: 'I speak too long, but 'tis to peize the time, To eke it, and to draw it out in length, To stay you from election. Let me choose, For, as I am, I live upon the rack.' These words ignited the idea of finding a way to bring hope and joy amidst challenging circumstances, much like finding a rainbow after a storm.


Inspiration from the Nature's Beauty

In the late 18th century, the Romantic Movement swept across Europe, emphasizing the love and appreciation of nature's beauty. It was during this time that the phrase 'find a rainbow' resonated deeply with poets and artists, who used it to symbolize the quest for hope, optimism, and beauty in the midst of life's struggles. The phrase became widely popularized as intellectuals and creatives sought solace and inspiration from the enchanting colors of rainbows.


The Symbolism Expands: Cultural and LGBTQ+ Movements

During the vibrant 1960s and the rise of cultural and societal movements, the term 'find a rainbow' took on new layers of meaning. The rainbow, inherently containing a spectrum of colors, became a potent symbol of diversity, equality, and liberation. As the LGBTQ+ rights movement gained momentum, the rainbow flag, designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978, further cemented the connection between rainbows and empowerment. 'Find a rainbow' became a rallying cry to encourage individuals to seek acceptance, love, and inclusivity in their lives and communities.


The Digital Age: Memes and Social Media

With the rapid growth of Internet culture and social media in the early 21st century, the term 'find a rainbow' found a new life in the realm of memes and digital communication. It became a ubiquitous phrase, often accompanied by colorful imagery and positive messages, spreading rapidly across various online platforms. 'Find a rainbow' memes helped create a sense of unity, resilience, and encouragement amidst the ever-connected digital landscape, serving as a reminder to look for the bright moments in life.

Present Day

Continued Symbolism and Positivity

Today, the term 'find a rainbow' continues to hold its cultural significance and inspire hope. It serves as a metaphorical reminder to seek beauty, joy, and optimism in challenging times. Whether through literature, art, activism, or digital platforms, 'find a rainbow' stands as a timeless symbol of resilience and the pursuit of happiness. It encourages people to embrace the diverse and colorful aspects of life and to always look for the silver linings.

Did you know?

Did you know that a rainbow isn't actually a bow at all, but a full circle? It only appears as a bow due to the Earth's horizon!


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