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Get ready hockey enthusiasts and land-lubbing sea captains alike, National Field Hockey Day is here and it's ripe with possibilities for fun-filled merriment, and, of course, hockey! Begin the day by aligning your hockey sticks at sunrise (Who are we kidding? You're already surrounded by them in your bed.) and prepare to dive into the history and denizens of the sports world's power house - Field hockey!

When is Field Hockey Day?

It's national field hockey day on the 14th September.

The sticks have spoken!

Back in the good old hockey times of 2015, the world of social media witnessed an epidemic of sorts. A hockey epidemic. Out of nowhere, mentions of National Field Hockey Day took over cyberspace, swarming social posts, blogs, and twitter feeds. On 14 Sep 2015 to be precise, the interweb was abuzz with stick-wielding excitement, with a whopping 3871 mentions online. Look at you hockey enthusiasts, you tweet that pride!

Sticks and stones

No bones were broken, but who could tally the amount of shin guards used on the day that Twitter almost crashed, figuratively at least. They told tales of the exciting matches, nostalgic childhood stories of playing hockey and families gathered to celebrate the magnificent sport. Clearly, the love of hockey runs deeper than the grooves on a good hockey turf - now that's passion!

Pass the puck or pass the love?

Some say Valentine's Day is the day for loved ones but we like to think that National Field Hockey Day is a close second. It is the day where the love of a sport brings everyone together, and get in the spirit of competition while also learning about sportsmanship, respect, and teammanship. Football and baseball, take a seat. It's Hockey Day!

History behind the term 'Field Hockey'

Late 18th century

Birth of the modern game

The term 'field hockey' originated in the late 18th century when the modern game of hockey began to take shape. It was played on grass fields with sticks and a ball, and gradually gained popularity as a recreational sport.

Mid-19th century

The emergence of standardized rules

In the mid-19th century, the game of field hockey saw the development of standardized rules. These rules formed the foundation for the modern interpretation of the game, including the use of a spherical ball and the implementation of penalties and fouls.


Formation of international associations

In 1886, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) was formed, bringing together various field hockey associations from different countries. This marked an important step in the global recognition and organization of the sport, further popularizing the term 'field hockey'.

20th century

Inclusion in international competitions

During the 20th century, field hockey gained significant traction as an internationally recognized sport. It was included in major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and Pan American Games, increasing its global reach and cementing its position as a widely played and watched game.

Present day

Continued evolution and global popularity

Field hockey has continued to evolve and expand worldwide. Today, it is played by men and women of all ages across numerous countries, with professional leagues and national teams attracting enthusiastic fans. The term 'field hockey' remains a universally recognized name for the sport and serves as a symbol of its enduring legacy.

Did you know?

Did you know that the record for the longest Field Hockey match is 40 hours and was achieved in England in 1971? Talk about taking love for the game to another level!


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