National Feral Cat Day

A curious feral cat cautiously explores an alleyway filled with vibrant flowers, as netizens pause to celebrate National Feral Cat Day on October 16, 2015..
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Classy ladies and gents, have you ever watched a feral cat with curiosity or maybe just a sprinkle of caution? Well, lend me your ears (or eyes) as we take a dive, quite literally, into the ‘purr-fectly’ fascinating world of National Feral Cat Day. Let's brace ourselves as we tread softly into their alleyways, discovering why so many netizens were meow-vingly active on 16th October 2015.

When is Feral Cat Day?

It's national feral cat day on the 16th October.

Scratching the Surface: What is National Feral Cat Day?

Initially declared by Alley Cat Allies on October 16, 2001, National Feral Cat Day is a day to acknowledge our feral feline friends who often go unacknowledged. It’s about raising awareness about their lives, while also promoting respectful and humane treatment towards these furballs.

Suddenly Cats: 16th October 2015

The curious case of the 16th October 2015 still baffles many. Our records indicate this date as a time when our feline frenzy was at its peak online. Was it a mass cat sighting? A divine feline prophecy? We still can't say for sure, but the buzz around National Feral Cat Day was undeniably and fabulously feline.

From Scruffy to Fluffy: Honoring Feral Friends

The idea of honoring feral cats may seem odd to some, but remember, each cat contributes in their own way. They control the rat population, look ridiculously adorable when they nap, and truthfully, what alley would be complete without a couple of cool cats?

Whiskers, Unite!

Celebrate National Feral Cat Day by advocating for their protection and care. Share photos, donate to cat shelters, or simply appreciate the feral feline strutting down your neighborhood. Just remember, the sassier the cat, the better it struts!

History behind the term 'Feral Cat'


Introduction of feral cat

The term 'feral cat' was first used in the 1930s to describe domestic cats that have returned to the wild or have been born in the wild. These cats are not socialized with humans and prefer to live outdoors. Over time, feral cats have become a common presence in urban, suburban, and rural environments.


Rapid population growth

During the 1950s, the feral cat population experienced rapid growth, which was largely attributed to uncontrolled breeding. Feral cats are known for their ability to reproduce quickly, and without intervention, their numbers can increase exponentially. This led to concerns about their impact on ecosystems and domestic cat populations.


Awareness of feral cat management

By the 1970s, awareness about the need for feral cat management started to grow. Organizations and individuals around the world recognized the importance of implementing strategies to control the feral cat population. This involved efforts such as trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs to control breeding and ensure the cats' welfare.


National Feral Cat Day

In 2001, Alley Cat Allies, a national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of feral cats, launched National Feral Cat Day. This annual observance, held on October 16th, aims to raise awareness about feral cats and promote their well-being. It has since become an internationally recognized day of action.


Continued efforts and challenges

Today, the term 'feral cat' remains widely used, and the management of feral cat populations continues to be a topic of discussion and action. Many organizations advocate for TNR programs as a compassionate and effective approach to control the population and improve the lives of feral cats. However, challenges persist, including finding suitable resources for comprehensive feral cat management and addressing potential conflicts with other wildlife species.

Did you know?

Did you know? Feral cats have been documented to live up to seven years on their own. However, with proper care, our furry street friends could live up to 10-12 years! Stashing away the fish bones for later doesn't sound too crazy now, does it?


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