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Welcome to the hilarious and intriguing world of National Feel a Boob Day! Get ready for a giggle-filled journey into the internet history of this unique day.

When is Feel A Boob Day?

It's national feel a boob day on the 11th May.

The Internet History of National Feel a Boob Day

Ah, National Feel a Boob Day, where do we begin? This cheeky and controversial day has certainly made a splash in the online world. With a total of 4 mentions online, its popularity peaked on May 11, 2015. But what is the origin of this rather unusual day?

While it may sound like a made-up holiday dreamed up by mischievous minds, National Feel a Boob Day actually has a serious mission behind it. This day serves as a reminder for women (and even men) to perform regular self-examinations for breast health. It's a playful way to bring attention to a serious topic.

Now, before you get any ideas, let's make it clear that National Feel a Boob Day is all about promoting awareness and education. It's NOT a free pass for unwanted touching or inappropriate behavior. Consent is key, my friends!

Did You Know?

Did you know that breast self-examinations can help detect early signs of breast cancer? By performing regular checks, individuals can become familiar with the texture, shape, and appearance of their breasts, making it easier to identify any changes that may warrant further medical attention. So, on National Feel a Boob Day, take a moment to educate yourself and spread the importance of breast health to your loved ones!

History behind the term 'Feel A Boob'


The Origin of 'Feel a Boob'

The term 'feel a boob' originated in 1668 with the word 'boob'. Derived from the Dutch word 'boeb', meaning 'breast', it was later adapted into English.


The birth of slang

Slang has always been a colorful and ever-evolving aspect of language, and the term 'feel a boob' is no exception. In 1915, the word 'boob' was slang for a foolish or ignorant person. Its origins can be traced back to early 20th-century American English and were popularized during the vaudeville era.


Emergence of the term 'boob'

In the year 1835, the term 'boob' emerged as slang for a foolish or ignorant person. It originated from the American English word 'booby,' which was initially used to describe a seabird known for its awkwardness on land. Over time, 'booby' transitioned into 'boob' and became a colloquialism used to refer to someone who was perceived as silly or lacking intelligence.


Introduction of the phrase 'feel a boob'

During the 1940s, the phrase 'feel a boob' started to gain popularity. 'Feel' in this context means to touch or experience something physically, while 'boob' retains its previous meaning of a foolish person. The phrase often referred to situations where someone made a mistake or acted clumsily, highlighting the notion of feeling someone's foolishness in a tangible way.


Boob as a metaphor for a woman's breast

In the 1920s, the term 'boob' started to be used as a metaphor for a woman's breast. While the exact origin of this usage remains uncertain, it coincided with the era of flappers and changing societal attitudes towards sexuality. This shift in meaning laid the groundwork for later expressions like 'feel a boob.'

19th Century

Slang Usage

During the 19th century, 'boob' began to be used as slang to refer to a foolish or clumsy person. The term gained popularity and started to find its way into everyday language.


Expansion of 'Boob'

In the 1940s, the term 'boob' expanded its meaning beyond foolishness and became associated with breasts. This slang usage, albeit crude, started to appear in informal conversation.


The rise of sexual liberation

The 1960s marked a period of increased sexual liberation and openness in Western society. As societal taboos surrounding sexuality began to break down, phrases and innuendos related to sexual activities became more prevalent. The term 'feel a boob' emerged during this time as an expression reflecting a more relaxed and permissive attitude towards sexual exploration.

Late 20th century

Evolution of the phrase into a euphemism

In the late 20th century, 'feel a boob' began to evolve as a euphemism for accidentally touching someone's breast. Although the phrase still retained its original connotation of clumsiness or making a mistake, it took on a double entendre related to physical contact with someone's body. This shift in meaning led to the phrase being used humorously or as a cheeky remark, often in light-hearted contexts.


Boob as slang for breast gains popularity

By the mid-1970s, 'boob' had firmly established itself as a colloquial term for a woman's breast. It was during this time that phrases like 'feel a boob' gained popularity in informal conversations, often used lightheartedly or playfully. The connotation of the phrase leaned towards curiosity rather than anything overtly explicit.

Present day

Cultural perception of 'feel a boob'

In present-day culture, 'feel a boob' is generally recognized as a humorous phrase, though it may still carry some potentially uncomfortable connotations depending on the context and individuals involved. It serves as a reminder of the evolution of language and how subtle shifts in meaning can occur over time. Understanding the historical origins of the term provides insight into the ever-changing nature of language and the cultural impact it has on our interactions.


Evolving Language

As cultural norms shifted in the 1970s, discussions around sexuality and body parts became more open. This led to the evolution of language, and 'feel a boob' emerged as a euphemistic expression to refer to touching a breast.

Present Day

Modern Usage

Today, 'feel a boob' is commonly used in informal contexts to describe an action of touching or groping a breast, often in a playful or non-consensual manner. However, it is essential to approach such language with sensitivity and respect for personal boundaries.


Recognition and evolution

The term 'feel a boob' continues to be used in casual conversation, often with a playful or humorous intent. While it can still evoke a sense of curiosity and lightheartedness, it is important to note that the appropriateness of using such language depends on the context and the individuals involved. As language and societal norms continue to evolve, expressions like 'feel a boob' may undergo further changes in meaning and usage.

Did you know?

Did you know that breast self-examinations can help detect early signs of breast cancer?


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