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Hey there, fellow joke enthusiasts! Get ready to burst into laughter because it's National Fart Joke Day! Brace yourself, because we're about to dive into the weird and wonderful world of flatulence humor.

When is Fart Joke Day?

It's national fart joke day on the 15th February.

The Origins of National Fart Joke Day

On this gas-tastic occasion, we honor the age-old tradition of cracking fart jokes. While the exact history of this jolly day is as elusive as the source of a silent but deadly fart, we can safely assume that people have been giggling about flatulence since the dawn of time. Whether it's unintentional toots or intentional butt blasts, these gassy jokes have been causing laughter-filled explosions for centuries!

Thanks to the power of the internet and social media, National Fart Joke Day has gained quite a stinky following over the years. With 755 online mentions being detected, it's clear that there are plenty of folks who appreciate the fine art of cheeky humor. The fart jokes are spreading like wildfire, leaving everyone in fits of giggles and mild embarrassment.

History behind the term 'Fart Joke'


The Birth of the Fart Joke

During the 17th century, the term 'fart joke' began to emerge as a popular form of comedic entertainment. Flatulence has always been a natural bodily function, but it was during this time that it became a subject of fascination and humor. Comedians and playwrights started incorporating fart jokes into their performances, recognizing the universal appeal and hilarious nature of such crude humor.


Le Petomane: The Fart Virtuoso

In the late 18th century, a French entertainer named Joseph Pujol, also known as Le Petomane, rose to fame for his unique talent. Pujol had an extraordinary ability to control and manipulate his flatulence, allowing him to create various sounds and musical tunes using only his derriere. Le Petomane became a sensation and performed in theaters across Europe, attracting audiences who were both shocked and amused by his unusual talent.

20th Century

Fart Jokes in Comedic Films

With the rise of cinema in the 20th century, fart jokes found their way onto the silver screen. Comedic films embraced the lowbrow humor, incorporating fart jokes as a staple in their scripts. Iconic comedy duos like Laurel and Hardy, as well as The Three Stooges, utilized fart jokes to entertain audiences and elicit laughter. These films helped solidify fart jokes as a comedic device that transcended language and cultural barriers.

21st Century

Internet Memes and Pop Culture

The fart joke has continued to evolve, finding new life in the online realm of the 21st century. Internet memes and viral videos featuring fart-related humor gained immense popularity, spreading rapidly through social media platforms. Additionally, fart jokes have become a frequent topic of discussion in pop culture, with references appearing in TV shows, stand-up comedy, and even mainstream music. The term 'fart joke' remains deeply ingrained in comedic culture and continues to tickle funny bones around the world.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's oldest recorded joke is a fart joke? Dating back to ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia (now Iraq) around 1900 B.C., this joke proves that fart humor has been making people chuckle for thousands of years!


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