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You probably thought everyday was 'family day' but actually there's an official date, enlisted atop our calendar and basking in all its familial glory — National Family Day. Budget warriors, food challengers and football enthusiasts, it's time to unite and unwrap this package of the most tantalizing, joy-drenched and perhaps frantic day in the year!

When is Family Day?

It's national family day on the 23rd September.

Get to Know National Family Day

Popping up on internet radar and embracing our lives with 2972 mentions, National Family Day is an unofficial holiday, yet one of the most widely celebrated days globally. Did you know the most mentions were on 23rd September 2019? So let's dig a little deeper into this heartwarming, endearing day and how you can make the most of it!

A Day for Connection

Family is all about connections and togetherness. This special day is a tribute to those magical moments of shared joy and amusement over board games, heartfelt laughs during backyard barbecues, and those cosy family movie nights. It's about cherishing each other and making beautiful memories.

Food and Fun

Yes, food. A crucial element of any family gathering. Do we really need a reason to binge on our favourite dishes? No, but extra cheese on National Family Day doesn’t hurt right? Actually, it’s kind of obligatory.

Romance Revived

Often amidst the humdrum and chaos, the romance between parents gets sidelined. Well, here’s your chance to revive it! Cook a special meal for your spouse or perhaps a surprise date? Jumpstart the sparks, make your other half feel loved and truly celebrate 'National Family Day'.

History behind the term 'Family'

15th century

Etymology of the Term

The term 'family' originated from the Latin word 'familia,' which referred to all the members of a household, including servants and slaves. The word derived from 'famulus,' meaning 'servant' or 'slave.' Initially, 'familia' represented a group of people living together and sharing common resources and responsibilities.

16th century

Nuclear Family Concept

During the 16th century, the concept of the 'nuclear family' emerged. It described a household unit constituted by a married couple and their children. This new understanding focused on the immediate family's close bond, distinguishing it from the broader extended family network.

18th century

Changing Roles in the Industrial Revolution

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, dramatic societal changes occurred. Urbanization led to more people leaving their agricultural lifestyles for factory work in cities. This shift changed the dynamics of family life as household members increasingly worked outside the home, causing separation between work and family roles.

19th century

Victorian Era's Focus on Moral Values

In the 19th century, during the Victorian era, morality and strict gender roles became central aspects of the family. The idealized family structure was highly patriarchal, with the father as the head of the household while women were expected to fulfill domestic responsibilities and raise children. This period emphasized the notions of modesty, privacy, and discipline within the family unit.

20th century

Changing Perceptions and Diversity

In the 20th century, the concept of family continued to evolve. The perception of family expanded to include diverse structures, such as single-parent families, blended families, and same-sex couples with children. Society gradually recognized that love, care, and support define a family more than specific traditional roles or genetic relationships.

21st century

Recognition of Chosen Family

In the 21st century, the notion of 'family' has further evolved to include the idea of 'chosen family.' Chosen family refers to a group of individuals who, despite lacking a genetic or legal connection, form a close and supportive bond. This concept acknowledges the importance of non-biological relationships and provides an inclusive framework for understanding different family structures.

Did you know?

National Family Day dates back to 2001 when President Bill Clinton declared it an official day in a proclamation. It was originally conceptualised by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse to encourage interaction between family members and foster stronger bonds.


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