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Psst, quick question — ever reminisce about your 'good ol' love days' with your ex? Well, it seems you're not alone. C'mon, don’t blush, we all do it. Unexpectedly, there's an entire day dedicated to this sweet (or maybe sour) nostalgia — 'National Ex Day'. Prepare to buckle up and sail down the memory lane on 12th June — yes, that's the date, mark your calendars!

When is Ex Day?

It's national ex day on the 12th June.

A Friendly Dive into the History

Confuzzeled about why we have a day to remember our exes? You're not alone. It sprang into internet existence on 12th June 2015 and got quite the attention, with 58906 mentions online. While the origins are somewhat fuzzy (we suspect a few 'long-gone-should-have-moved-on-by-now' lovers might have had something to do with it), the day has found a whimsical place in the hearts (and calendars) of many. And it's not necessarily about having a candle-lit dinner with your ex — unless that's your thing. It's really about acknowledging past relationships, taking a moment to reflect, or maybe sharing a hearty laugh thinking about some memorable bloopers.

Celebrating National Ex Day: Drama or Droll?

Whether you're weeping over old cards, laughing at dated fashion faux pas or slipping back into 'what if it had worked out' mode, it can be quite the emotional rollercoaster. Funnily enough, this quirky day provides an opportunity to tie up loose ends, seek closure, or even repair burnt bridges. But remember, it’s supposed to be fun - don’t worry, no need to write a tear-stained letter to your ex.

Safety First - No Ex Hunting!

Just a friendly reminder: keep your activities light-hearted. Stalking your ex's profile for hours or disturbing their peace is not on the agenda — unless you want to celebrate ‘National Block-Yourself-Day’. Take it as an opportunity to realize how far you’ve come since the bygone era. After all, all's well that ends well ... or leads to a fun national day!

History behind the term 'Ex'


The Birth of 'ex'

The term 'ex' was first used as an abbreviation for the word 'exempli gratia' in 1859. 'Exempli gratia' is a Latin phrase that means 'for example.' The abbreviation 'ex.' was commonly used in English to introduce an example or to clarify a statement by providing an instance. Over time, this abbreviation evolved and became synonymous with 'example' or 'instance'.

Early 20th Century

From 'ex.' to 'ex'

In the early 20th century, the period after the abbreviation 'ex.' was gradually dropped, and the term 'ex' began to be used as a standalone word. This simplification made it easier to use and pronounce. As a result, 'ex' became a commonly used shorthand for 'example' in various contexts, including writing, mathematics, and teaching.


The Rise of Texting Culture

With the advent of mobile phones and text messaging in the 1990s, 'ex' entered popular culture as a convenient abbreviation due to the limited character count in text messages. It quickly became a part of the texting lexicon, representing 'example' or used as a shorthand to denote 'former' when referring to a past relationship or affiliation. This usage of 'ex' in texting further popularized the term and contributed to its widespread adoption in informal communication.

Present Day

Versatile and Widely Used

'Ex' is now an integral part of everyday language and is used across various mediums, including written communication, social media, and even in verbal conversations. It has become a ubiquitous term that signifies both an example and a connection to something or someone from the past. The term's cultural impact can be seen in its usage in popular phrases like 'ex-boyfriend/girlfriend,' 'exhibit,' 'excursion,' and 'exchange.' 'Ex' continues to evolve alongside language and technology, adapting to new forms of communication and maintaining its relevance in modern society.

Did you know?

Did you know? June 12 is also 'Loving Day' in the U.S., which commemorates the 1967 United States Supreme Court decision legalizing interracial marriage. So, while you remember your exes, let's not forget to celebrate love in all its diverse forms.


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