National Ex Boyfriend Day

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Oh wait, a day for exes? Scratch your head no more! There is quite indeed a day that throws a little light on the darker corners of our past relationships - National Ex-boyfriend Day. If you're experiencing slightly raised eyebrows or an overwhelming urge to dial an old flame, read on.

When is Ex Boyfriend Day?

It's national ex boyfriend day on the 4th October.

Behold, the Day for the Ex!

Now, National Ex-boyfriend Day, is indeed a thing, as that tricky little search counter of ours tells us that there were 1219 mentions of this day online in the past year, with the loudest echoes being on October 4, 2020! Saucy, right?

Why, Though?

This day though perplexing has its merits. It is a fine occasion to remember fondness shared, understand lessons learned, and chuckle (or cringe) at the shenanigans we once found ourselves in. Because, hey, that person played a role in shaping who you are today, haven’t they?

How to Celebrate?

No, this day doesn't suggest you reverse time and reignite the past, but you could indulge in some deep reminiscing. Or why not write a letter (that you're NOT going to send) about the things you're grateful for, or the things you learned? You could also revisit old haunt- I mean, favourite spots and enjoy them with a new perspective.

On a Lighter Note

Consider it as a funny day to gather round with friends, revive some old stories, share some laughs and maybe appreciate the fact that love life indeed does move on!

History behind the term 'Ex Boyfriend'


The Introduction of the Term

In 1893, the term 'ex boyfriend' was first introduced into the English language. The prefix 'ex-' is derived from the Latin word 'ex', meaning 'out of' or 'from'. The word 'boyfriend' refers to a romantic or intimate partner. The combination of these two words gave birth to the term 'ex boyfriend', which describes a past romantic partner who is no longer in a relationship with a person.


Popularity in the Roaring Twenties

During the 1920s, commonly known as the 'Roaring Twenties', the term 'ex boyfriend' gained popularity as it became more socially acceptable for people to openly discuss their past relationships. This cultural shift allowed for the term to become widely used and understood among young adults, who embraced the newfound freedom of expressing their romantic experiences.


Rise of Feminism and Relationship Terminology

In the 1960s, with the rise of feminism and the feminist movement, there was a significant focus on redefining gender roles and challenging traditional norms. This cultural shift led to increased discourse on relationships and the terminology used to describe them. The term 'ex boyfriend' became a fundamental part of this discussion, as it acknowledged the existence of past romantic relationships and recognized the agency of individuals in choosing their partners.


Modernization and Communication

In the 1990s, the term 'ex boyfriend' became more prevalent due to advancements in communication technology, specifically the widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet. These technological developments facilitated easier and faster communication, allowing individuals to discuss their past relationships more openly. The term 'ex boyfriend' was embraced as a convenient and widely understood way to refer to a previous romantic partner in conversations both online and offline.

Present Day

Continued Cultural Significance

Today, the term 'ex boyfriend' remains an integral part of our vocabulary and cultural lexicon. It is not only used to describe a former romantic partner but has also become a subject of popular culture, appearing in various forms of media such as music, movies, and literature. The term has transcended its origins and is now recognized globally, signifying the end of a romantic relationship and the transition to a new chapter in one's life.

Did you know?

Marvin Gaye’s heartthrob song 'Let’s Get It On' was released on Oct 4, 1973, the same day that is considered the National Ex-boyfriend Day now. Quite ironic!


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