National Ex Bestfriend Day

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Ever miss the time when that ex-best friend was still your partner in crime? Well, you're not alone! National Ex Best Friend Day is a day to reminisce about those crazy adventures. Interestingly, this day also becomes a therapeutic event allowing you to treasure the good moments and let go of any resentment or regret. Although a bit controversial, it manages to stir up quite the buzz!

When is Ex Bestfriend Day?

It's national ex bestfriend day on the 9th June.

Unraveling the Threads of National Ex Best Friend Day

Admittedly, ex-best friends are a peculiar subject for a national day. But isn't it true that unusual subjects often make the most intriguing stories? The cyberspace seems to think so, given the 302 mentions we detected of this day.

Surprisingly, the most mentions were recorded on June 9th, 2015. Maybe that year stirred up multiple friendships or perhaps, it was just the universe trying to spread the sentiment of forgiveness and reconciliation. Yet, every year, a day is taken out to remember not what was lost, but what was gained through those bygone days of friendship.

The Essence of the Day

National Ex Best Friend Day is not about brewing negativity or opening old wounds. On the contrary, it encourages acknowledging the past, cherishing the good times, learning from disagreements and maturely moving on with grace. Those roller coaster friendship journeys have, after all, contributed to the person you're today.

How to Acknowledge National Ex Best Friend Day?

There's no rulebook on how to spend this day. Perhaps, you can start by reminiscing about funny incidents, warm memories, lessons the friendship taught you or simply by spreading positivity about the idea of friendships. Reach out if you feel comfortable, write a letter, or dedicate the day to self-care. After all, it's about cherishing your growth and emotional journey.

History behind the term 'Ex Bestfriend'


The Birth of a Term

The term 'ex bestfriend' first emerged in the early 1990s as a way to describe the end of a close friendship. It was commonly used to refer to someone who was once considered a best friend but was no longer in that position. This term gained popularity with the rise of pop culture influences, such as movies and music, which often depicted the complexities and challenges of friendships and their subsequent breakdowns.


Introduction of the term 'ex bestfriend'

The term 'ex bestfriend' first emerged in popular culture around 2004. Prior to this, people typically referred to former close friends simply as 'old friends' or 'former friends'. However, as social media platforms like MySpace and Facebook gained popularity, there was a need for a term to describe the specific dynamics of a close friendship that had soured or ended.


The Birth of the Term

In the 1980s, the term 'ex bestfriend' started to emerge in popular culture. It was coined to describe the end of a close friendship that was once considered the strongest bond. This term reflected the emotional complexity and heartache of losing a friend who was once considered the closest and most trusted companion.


Popularity in Music and Films

During the 1990s, the term 'ex bestfriend' gained further recognition through its portrayal in various music and films. Artists and filmmakers started capturing the turbulent dynamics and fallout of broken friendships, giving the term a wider audience. The emotional impact of losing a best friend was explored in poignant songs and storylines, resonating with many who had experienced similar losses.


Rise of social media and the impact on friendships

By 2006, social media had become an integral part of many people's lives. Friends would connect, share updates, and interact online. This unprecedented level of connectivity meant that friendships, including best friendships, were more visible and public than ever before. Consequently, when a close friendship ended, it became essential to define the relationship with a term like 'ex bestfriend'.


The Era of Myspace and Facebook

With the advent of social networking sites like Myspace and later Facebook in the mid-2000s, the term 'ex bestfriend' began to receive more attention. As people started to connect and reconnect with old friends online, they were also confronted with the idea of former best friends. The term became a popular descriptor for those connections that had broken down or faded away over time.


The Influence of Online Friendships

In the 2010s, online friendships gained significant prominence as social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter became an integral part of people's lives. The term 'ex bestfriend' expanded beyond traditional in-person friendships and began encompassing online friendships as well. People started to use the term to describe the dissolution of close connections formed through the internet, further cementing its cultural impact.


Widespread usage in popular media

Around 2010, the term 'ex bestfriend' began to appear more frequently in popular media, including movies, TV shows, and music. This increased visibility further entrenched the term in popular culture. People could now relate to the idea of a former best friend and the emotions associated with such a relationship.


Rise of Social Media

The popularity of social media platforms in the 2000s brought a new dimension to the term 'ex bestfriend.' This digital age allowed individuals to document their lives and relationships, and the term became a way to label the end of a close connection on these platforms. It became common for people to publicly declare their former best friends, often citing reasons and sharing their experiences, sometimes leading to further conflicts or resolutions.


The psychology behind 'ex bestfriends'

In 2013, psychological studies started exploring the impact of 'ex bestfriends' on individuals. Researchers delved into the emotional implications of losing a best friend and the potential long-term effects on social dynamics. This research shed light on the significance of the term and its relevance in analyzing human relationships.

Present Day

Exploring the Complexity

In the present day, the term 'ex bestfriend' continues to be used as a descriptor for a broken friendship. It has become more nuanced and complex, acknowledging that friendships can evolve, change, and sometimes end, just like romantic relationships. People recognize that losing a best friend can be a deeply personal experience, often involving a sense of grief and the need for healing and closure.


The Rise of Hashtags and Memes

During this period, the use of hashtags and memes on platforms like Twitter and Instagram exploded. The term 'ex bestfriend' became a popular hashtag, allowing individuals to share their experiences and emotions surrounding the loss of a once dear friend. Memes featuring the term also became common, reflecting the cultural relatability and shared understanding of the complexities of human relationships.


Continued Relevance in Modern Times

In today's interconnected world, the term 'ex bestfriend' remains a widely recognized term, capturing the universal experience of friendships coming to an end. It serves as a reminder of the volatility and evolution of relationships, both offline and online. Despite its bittersweet undertone, the term highlights the human capacity to adapt and grow, emphasizing the importance of cherishing the bonds we have, even if they may change over time.


Continued usage and cultural impact

Today, the term 'ex bestfriend' has solidified its place in popular culture. It is commonly used to describe a former close friend with whom one had a significant bond that has now been severed. The term has even expanded beyond friendships and can be seen in reference to other types of relationships, such as romantic partners. Whether online or in real life, the concept of an 'ex bestfriend' remains relatable to many people and continues to shape how we understand and discuss relationships.

Did you know?

Did you know that this day isn't about holding grudges but actually about the exact opposite? It's all about acceptance, growth, and fond reminiscence!


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