National Everything Day

Young woman surrounded by various items representing different things to celebrate on National Everything Day: a chocolate bar, a turtle figurine, and a pair of mismatched socks. She is wearing a colorful outfit and appears to be enjoying the festivities in a whimsical garden setting..
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Ah, a day in which the weird, the wonderful, and just about everything under the sun is celebrated. That's right, we're talking about National Everything Day. A day destined to keep your calendar, and your plate, gloriously full!

When is Everything Day?

It's national everything day on the 26th August.

A Day To Celebrate... Well... Everything!

As far as unusual holidays go, National Everything Day really sets the bar high. Or low. It’s a bit hard to tell with this one. Chances are, if it exists, it has a day dedicated to it on the National Everything Day. And the best part? National Everything Day is not confined by themes, categories or logic. So whether it's your undying love for chocolate, celebrating your favorite turtle, or the simple joy of mismatched socks, today is your day!

Mentioned More Than Most!

Our data shows that National Everything Day made its most prominent appearance on the internet on August 26, 2015. Now, this could have been due to a particularly slow news day, or perhaps this is the day when everyone on the internet collectively decided they had, well, everything to celebrate! Whatever the reason, a whopping 328 mentions snapped up our attention, cementing its place in the calendar of wonderfully weird internet holidays.

National Everything Day In Action

So, how does one celebrate National Everything Day? Simple, you just celebrate everything! Start off by sharing your favourite silly fun facts. Dig out that frilly, rarely-worn apron to bake your favourite pie. Or why not pay tribute to the joy that your beloved pet brings, even if they technically are a houseplant. With National Everything Day, there's no right or wrong way to celebrate, as long as it's in good spirits and spreads some cheer.

History behind the term 'Everything'

Old English Period

Origins of the word 'everything'

The term 'everything' can be traced back to the Old English period, specifically around the 9th century. It derived from the Old English word 'æfrething', which was a combination of 'æfre' meaning 'ever' and 'thing' meaning 'object' or 'entity'. At this time, the word was used to refer to all things or objects.


Emergence of the term 'everything'

The term 'everything' originated in the English language in 1637. It is derived from the Old English word 'æfrething,' which means 'all things.' The word 'everything' combines the words 'every' and 'thing' to describe the entirety or total sum of all objects, concepts, or phenomena.


Widespread usage of the term

By the 18th century, the term 'everything' had become well-established and was commonly used in English-language literature and conversation. It gained popularity due to its ability to encompass all possible objects, ideas, or circumstances, allowing for a broad and inclusive description of the world around us.

Middle English Period

Evolution and usage in Middle English

During the Middle English period (11th to 15th century), the term 'everything' underwent linguistic changes. It gradually evolved into 'every thing' and then merged into a single word, 'everything'. The usage of the term expanded beyond just objects and started to encompass a broader scope, referring to all things, ideas, concepts, and possibilities.

Modern English Period

Widespread usage in Modern English

In Modern English (16th century onwards), 'everything' became a commonly used term that conveyed the meaning of totality or completeness. It is a versatile word that can be used in various contexts, such as expressing inclusivity, encompassing all possibilities, or emphasizing the entirety of a situation. Today, 'everything' is an integral part of our everyday language and is used to articulate the vastness or completeness of a particular subject or concept.


Inclusion in dictionaries

In 1843, the term 'everything' was officially recognized and included in various English dictionaries. Its definition further solidified its meaning as 'all things that exist or are possible' and affirmed its status as a comprehensive descriptor for the totality of entities or concepts.

20th century

Expansion to abstract concepts

Throughout the 20th century, the term 'everything' expanded its usage beyond physical objects to encompass abstract concepts and ideas. It became a powerful tool for expressing the vastness and breadth of human experience, allowing individuals to convey the inclusivity of their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Present day

Ubiquitous usage in modern culture

Today, the term 'everything' is an integral part of our everyday language and cultural lexicon. It is utilized across various contexts, from casual conversations to philosophical discussions, from literature to music. The word 'everything' continues to be a symbol of our desire to encapsulate and comprehend the vastness and diversity of the world we inhabit.

Did you know?

Did you know that National Everything Day was mentioned a record-number 328 times across the internet in just one day on August 26, 2015? Now that's what we call 'everything' in action!


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