National Espresso Day

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Brew up some excitement! It's time to celebrate a day with our deliciously dark and aromatic friend, Espresso! National Espresso Day perks up our senses and gives us all the jolt we need to motor through a busy day.

When is Espresso Day?

It's national espresso day on the 23rd November.

A Rich, Roasted Ride Through History

November 23 holds a special place in the hearts of caffeine enthusiasts the world over. Yes, indeed, it's National Espresso Day! Our yearly tribute to that pint-sized powerhouse of a brew. We detected a solid 4845 mentions for our beloved Espresso Day on the web. The most buzz was stirred up on November 23, 2016.

Not Just Your Average Cup!

Espresso isn't just your standard cup of joe. From its creation in Italy, the thick, robust and full-bodied brew has become a worldwide sensation. Espresso is the backbone of countless loved coffee creations; think macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, and more! And it's not just for pairing with your favourite book or as a morning wake-me-up. Espresso has snuck its way into delicious chocolates, tiramisu and even rich, coffee-infused stouts!

Nothing 'Presso' About It!

Did you know 'Espresso' doesn't mean 'fast' in Italian? It actually means 'expressed' or 'pressed-out', referring to the way the coffee is made, with hot water being pressed through very fine coffee grounds. There's nothing 'presso' (pressing or urgent) about enjoying espresso. Take your time, savor the depth of the flavor and enjoy the food it accompanies. Innovation and creativity mark the journey of espresso throughout history, from lever machines to sports cars inspired designs of modern automatic machines.

Let's Celebrate: Romance, Awareness, and Fun!

Why stop at sipping on your favourite coffee? This National Espresso Day, be bold and innovative. Express your romance over a cup of espresso, create awareness about the coffee growers around the world, and have fun sampling new and unique coffee blends – whatever it takes to pay tribute to our beloved brew. Espresso, we salute thee!

History behind the term 'Espresso'


Invention of Espresso Machine

In the year 1901, an Italian engineer named Luigi Bezzera invented the first espresso machine. His machine used steam and pressure to quickly brew coffee, revolutionizing the way coffee was prepared. This invention laid the foundation for the term 'espresso' to come into existence.


Introduction of the Term 'Espresso'

It wasn't until 1947 that the term 'espresso' became widely used. It originated from the Italian word 'esprimere,' which means 'to express' or 'to squeeze out.' This term aptly described the process of extracting coffee's intense flavors and aromas by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee under high pressure.


Spread of Espresso Culture

During the 1950s, espresso machines started gaining popularity outside of Italy, particularly in Europe and the United States. As the espresso culture spread, so did the term 'espresso,' becoming a household term associated with the art of making rich and concentrated coffee.


Third Wave of Coffee

In the 1980s, the so-called 'Third Wave of Coffee' emerged. This movement focused on providing higher-quality coffee, emphasizing the nuances of flavor and sourcing of beans. Espresso became a symbol of this movement, with coffee enthusiasts and baristas diving deeper into perfecting the art of brewing espresso shots.


Global Espresso Culture

Today, espresso has truly become a global phenomenon. It is enjoyed in cafes, restaurants, and homes around the world. The term 'espresso' represents not just a brewing method, but an entire coffee culture, with specialized terminology, techniques, and a passion for creating the perfect cup of espresso.

Did you know?

Did you know that espresso was born out of impatience? Luigi Bezzera, who patented the first espresso machine, wanted a way to brew his coffee faster!


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