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Hey there, escargot enthusiasts! Get ready to celebrate National Escargot Day, the slimiest and possibly most delicious day of the year. Whether you're a fan of these little mollusks or just curious about their internet history, we've got all the juicy details for you. So grab your garlic butter and let's dive into the fascinating world of escargot!

When is Escargot Day?

It's national escargot day on the 24th May.

What is National Escargot Day?

On National Escargot Day, we pay tribute to the culinary delight that is escargot. For those unacquainted with this fancy French delicacy, escargot refers to cooked land snails. Yes, you heard that right, we're talking about eating snails! Despite their rather humble origins, snails have found their way onto the menus of gourmet restaurants worldwide.

So how did these gastronomic gastropods get their own special day on the internet? Well, it all started back in the early days of social media when a group of passionate foodies decided to create a day devoted to celebrating escargot. They wanted to unite snail lovers from all corners of the web and spread the love for these slimy creatures.

Since then, National Escargot Day has gained popularity, with online communities buzzing with escargot-themed recipes, fun facts, and enthusiastic discussions about the best ways to enjoy these tasty mollusks.

Fun Facts About Escargot

Did you know that escargot has been consumed for thousands of years? In fact, archaeological evidence suggests that prehistoric humans enjoyed snails as part of their diet. Imagine our distant ancestors sitting around the fire, munching on snails and discussing how to cook them to perfection.

Another fun fact is that France is known as the escargot capital of the world. The French take their snails seriously and have perfected the art of cooking them just right. From garlic butter to hazelnut-infused snails, the French have turned escargot into a culinary masterpiece.

Whether you prefer your escargot with a side of crispy baguette or mixed into a flavorful pasta dish, National Escargot Day is the perfect occasion to indulge in these intriguing critters. So put on your chef hat and get adventurous with your taste buds!

History behind the term 'Escargot'

3rd millennium BCE

Early culinary beginnings

Escargot, meaning 'edible snail' in French, can trace its origins back to the ancient times. In the 3rd millennium BCE, evidence suggests that snails were already consumed by humans in what is now present-day Spain.

1st century BCE

Roman indulgence

During the Roman Empire, snails gained popularity as a delicious food source, particularly among the aristocrats. The Romans introduced a variety of cooking techniques, including garum (a fermented fish sauce) and wine, to enhance the flavor of the snails.

12th century

Monastic gastronomy

In the 12th century, monasteries played a significant role in popularizing escargot. Monks began to cultivate their own snail farms, and snails became a delicacy served during religious festivities. The slow-moving snails were seen as a symbol of abstinence and quiet contemplation.

16th century

Escargot in the royal court

Escargot rose to further prominence in the 16th century when Catherine de' Medici, an Italian noblewoman who became the Queen of France, introduced the culinary delights of escargot to the royal court. From then on, escargot became synonymous with French gastronomy.

19th century

Escargot on French menus

As French cuisine evolved and restaurants began to flourish in the 19th century, escargot found its place on menus across the country. It became a staple dish in fine dining establishments and a symbol of French culinary expertise.

20th century

Escargot gains international recognition

During the 20th century, escargot transcended national borders and gained international recognition as a delicacy. It became a sought-after dish in gourmet restaurants around the world, firmly establishing its place in culinary history.

Did you know?

Did you know that some people believe escargot has aphrodisiac properties? So if you're looking to impress your loved one with a fancy dinner, why not add a touch of snail cuisine to the menu?


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