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Welcome, music and pop culture fans! Were you searching the web and stumbled across a mention of National Enrique Iglesias Day? Before you run off to play 'Hero' on repeat, let's dig in a little deeper about this special day dedicated to the King of Latin Pop himself.

When is Enrique Iglesias Day?

It's national enrique iglesias day on the 15th April.

What is National Enrique Iglesias Day?

National Enrique Iglesias Day is a day where thousands of people around the internet have come together on a particular day to appreciate the King of Latin Pop - Enrique Iglesias. It's a day when fans take a moment to belt out their favorite Enrique tunes, reminisce about his top-charting hits and perhaps even attempt to replicate his glorious dance moves in the privacy of their own homes.

When did it start?

The internet is a funny place. You say one thing and next thing you know, it becomes a national day. National Enrique Iglesias Day seems to have picked up speed and truly become a... thing on April 15, 2017. With 6023 mentions, this day evolved from a quaint little hashtag to an all-out digital fiesta celebrating everything Enrique.

Why Enrique Iglesias?

Now, why dedicate a day to Enrique? Maybe it's the way he can carry a tune or maybe it's his irresistible charm. There is no Deeper understanding as to why the internet decided on this, but it's clear that the webizens have spoken. Enrique has a dedicated spot on the national days list, nestled snugly between 'National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day' and 'Talk Like Shakespeare Day'.

History behind the term 'Enrique Iglesias'


A Musical Beginnings

Enrique Iglesias, a Spanish singer and songwriter, burst onto the music scene in 1995. Born on May 8, 1975, in Madrid, Spain, he is the son of Julio Iglesias, a legendary Spanish singer. Enrique Iglesias released his self-titled debut album in 1995, which quickly gained popularity and established him as a rising star in the Latin music industry.


International Breakthrough

In 1999, Enrique Iglesias experienced a major international breakthrough with his hit single 'Bailamos.' The song, included in the soundtrack of the movie 'Wild Wild West,' topped the charts in several countries and marked his crossover into the English-speaking market. 'Bailamos' became a global sensation, earning Iglesias widespread recognition and cementing his status as a global pop icon.


Escapade to Stardom

Enrique Iglesias' career reached new heights in 2001 with the release of his album 'Escape.' The album spawned several chart-topping hits, including 'Hero,' 'Escape,' and 'Don't Turn Off the Lights.' 'Hero' became one of Iglesias' signature songs, showcasing his smooth vocals and emotional lyrics. The album's success propelled him into superstardom, garnering numerous awards and accolades.


Pop Music Reign

In 2007, Enrique Iglesias continued his dominance in pop music with the release of his album 'Insomniac.' The album showcased Iglesias' versatility and ability to connect with audiences across different genres. Tracks like 'Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)' and 'Somebody's Me' became instant hits, further solidifying his reputation as a chart-topping artist.


Consistent Success and Evolution

Enrique Iglesias' career has only continued to flourish in recent years. He has released several successful albums, including 'Euphoria' (2010) and 'Sex and Love' (2014). Iglesias consistently tops charts worldwide with his infectious melodies and captivating performances. Known for his electrifying live shows, he has sold out arenas and stadiums globally, solidifying his position as one of the most influential and enduring artists of his generation.

Did you know?

Did you know, Enrique Iglesias holds the record for producing 27 number-one Spanish-language singles on the Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks?


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