National Emily Day

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If your name is Emily and you're feeling a bit unappreciated, fear not! There exists a day dedicated solely to celebrating you - National Emily Day! Buckle up while we take you on a journey through the worldwide web to uncover the mysteries of this unique celebration. Who knew having a day named after you could be such fun!

When is Emily Day?

It's national emily day on the 12th July.

Abuzz across the Web

While our handy holiday-generator couldn't find an official declaration in the annals of national days, the internet, that den of unpredictability, has a different story to tell! With 133 mentions - some more reliable than others, we must confess - it seems like National Emily Day is abuzz on social media. You can't argue the authority of the people's choice, can you?

A Whirlwind Web Journey

The most mentions of National Emily Day were detected on 12th July 2017. Maybe it was because of a collective Emily consciousness, or simply a glitch in the matrix. Either way, the internet decided to acknowledge Emmas, Evas, and Ellies another day, and celebrate Emilys instead. And who can blame them?

Emilys Are Everywhere

In classic literature, in sitcoms, in movies - they're everywhere. As It turns out, Emily Watson, Emily Bronte, and Emily Dickinson just scratch the surface when it comes to distinguished Emilys. With such a bounty of notable namesakes, it makes total sense that Emily gets a dedicated celebration.

So... What Do We Do, Exactly?

Well, the beauty of an internet-born holiday lies in its flexibility. It's an opportunity to celebrate the Emilys in your life - make a special meal, write them a poem, or simply let them know you appreciate them. Or, if you're an Emily, why not demand breakfast in bed? After all, it's your day on the internet!

History behind the term 'Emily'


The Origin of 'Emily'

The name 'Emily' originated from the Latin name 'Aemilia' which was a Roman family name. It was introduced to England by the Normans in the 11th century. Over time, 'Aemilia' evolved into 'Amilia' and then eventually transformed into the modern name 'Emily' by the 19th century.


Rise in Popularity

During the 19th century, the name 'Emily' gained popularity due to various literary works. One notable influence was the character Emily St. Aubert in Ann Radcliffe's gothic novel 'The Mysteries of Udolpho' published in 1794. The character's intelligence and strength resonated with readers, leading to an increase in the name's popularity.


Emily as a Classic

In the mid-19th century, 'Emily' cemented its place as a classic and timeless name. It became a popular choice among Victorian parents who admired the name's elegance and femininity. Constructed from soft vowels and gentle consonants, 'Emily' encapsulated the ideal of beauty and grace.


Emily Dickinson's Legacy

The renowned poet Emily Dickinson contributed significantly to the name's cultural impact. Although she lived a reclusive life and only published a handful of poems during her lifetime, her works gained recognition posthumously. As her poetry gained popularity, so did the name 'Emily', associating it with artistic expression and intellectual depth.


Emily in Modern Culture

In the late 20th century, the name 'Emily' experienced a resurgence in popularity. It became one of the most popular names for girls in English-speaking countries. The rise of famous Emilys in popular culture, such as actresses Emily Blunt and Emily Watson, further propelled its vibrancy and desirability as a contemporary name choice.

Did you know?

Did you know the name Emily is of Latin origin? It comes from the Roman family name 'Aemilius', meaning 'rival'. Bet you didn’t expect your name to be so combative, Emily!


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12th July 2017

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