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You know what they say, folks, an apple (or broccoli, spinach, cucumber, and such) a day keeps the doctor away! Well, it seems the internet has truly taken that to heart with the creation of 'National Eat Your Vegetables Day'. A day that, believe it or not, comes around every year and allows us to cling to the excuse that we're mindfully following internet festivities while scarfing down a salad.

When is Eat Your Vegetables Day?

It's national eat your vegetables day on the 17th June.

The Crunchy Origins of National Eat Your Vegetables Day

The internet's history with National Eat Your Vegetables Day is somewhat like battling through a jungle of mixed greens. But, if you follow the trail of healthy benefits and farm-fresh nutrition, you'll find it leads us straight to June 17. A date that, in 2015, gave us a whopping 3143 mentions online. That's a lot of people getting their five-a-day!

Why We Celebrate

Well, the celebration is essentially a spirited campaign to encourage us all to add more vegetables to our menu. But why, you ask? Because vegetables are serious health powerhouses! They're loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber that can help keep us in peak health. Not to mention, having a day where we put our veggies at the front and center of our plates is a superb way to be mindful of the environment.

How to Celebrate

There isn't exactly a rule book on how to celebrate National Eat Your Vegetables Day. But here's a radical idea. Grab a vegetable, and eat it! Prep a salad, stir-fry some peppers, mix some spinach in your smoothie. Better yet, invite your loved ones over for a bring-a-veggie dinner. Let them live the excitement of the day. It may be corny, but the garlic(ious) celebration is pea-rfectly fun!

The Hall of Fame

Over the years, we've seen a lot of food holidays come and go. But National Eat Your Vegetables Day has some pretty devoted followers who turn the day into a celebration worthy of a Michelin-star salad joint. From pro-athletes munching broccoli before the game, to property tycoons investing in arugula farms, even romance novelists crediting their 'creativity' on beet juice, it has truly etched its place in history – or at least the browser history!

History behind the term 'Eat Your Vegetables'


The Rise of the Vegetable Movement

During the 1920s, a movement promoting the consumption of vegetables began to gain traction. Nutritionists and health experts emphasized the nutritional value and health benefits of including vegetables in one's diet. They advocated for a balanced diet featuring a variety of vegetables, leading to the phrase 'eat your vegetables' becoming a popular catchphrase.


The Push for Children's Nutrition

In the 1950s, there was a growing concern about children's nutrition. Government initiatives and educational campaigns aimed at improving children's diets stressed the importance of vegetables. 'Eat your vegetables' became a common phrase used by parents and educators to encourage children to consume more nutritious foods.


The Veggie Revolution

The 1970s witnessed a surge in vegetarianism and a focus on plant-based diets. As more individuals sought healthier eating habits, the phrase 'eat your vegetables' gained renewed popularity. It became associated not only with childhood eating habits but also with a broader movement promoting the consumption of plant-based foods.


Health-conscious Culture

In the 1990s, health-consciousness became a significant cultural trend. As people became more aware of the link between diet and overall well-being, 'eat your vegetables' became a mantra for individuals striving for a healthier lifestyle. This phrase served as a reminder to prioritize vegetables as a key component of a balanced and nutritious diet.


Continued Emphasis on Vegetable Consumption

Today, the phrase 'eat your vegetables' remains prevalent in popular culture and continues to embody the idea of prioritizing plant-based foods. With the rise of vegetarian, vegan, and plant-forward diets, as well as an increased focus on sustainable food choices, the importance of eating vegetables remains strong.

Did you know?

Did you know that Brussels sprouts, those tiny cabbages we adore or despise, are named after the Belgian city where they were first extensively cultivated? Talk about a fun veggie fact!


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