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Are you tired of eating inside? Craving some fresh air with a side of delicious food? Well, get ready to dust off your picnic blankets and fire up the grill because it's National Eat Outside Day!

When is Eat Outside Day?

It's national eat outside day on the 31st August.

A Brief History

National Eat Outside Day is a relatively new addition to the ever-growing list of national days. It was born out of the desire to bring people together, celebrate the great outdoors, and, of course, enjoy some scrumptious meals.

The origins of National Eat Outside Day can be traced back to the rise of the internet and social media. It all started with a group of friends who wanted to create a day dedicated to the simple pleasure of dining al fresco. They knew that food tastes better when enjoyed under the open sky, and they wanted everyone to experience the joy of eating outside.

Word quickly spread across the internet, and people all over the world started embracing the idea. From picnics in the park to backyard barbecues, National Eat Outside Day became a widespread phenomenon, with families, friends, and even strangers coming together to share a meal outdoors.

Celebrating National Eat Outside Day

The beauty of National Eat Outside Day lies in its simplicity. There are no specific rules or requirements – just grab some food and find a spot outside. Whether you prefer a serene picnic by the lake or a lively barbecue with loved ones, the choice is yours.

One popular way to celebrate is by organizing a potluck picnic. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to bring their favorite dishes and enjoy a feast together. It's a great opportunity to share culinary delights and discover new flavors.

If you're more of a solo adventurer, you can pack a gourmet lunch and head to a nearby park or beach. Take some time to soak in the sun, savor each bite, and embrace the rejuvenating power of nature.

Did You Know?

Did you know that enjoying a meal outdoors can actually boost your mood? Studies have shown that spending time in nature and engaging in outdoor activities can improve mental well-being and reduce stress levels. So, not only will you satisfy your taste buds on National Eat Outside Day, but you'll also give your mind a mini vacation.

History behind the term 'Eat Outside'


The Picnic Culture Emerges

Picnicking became increasingly popular in the early 20th century. People would gather outdoors and bring their own food to enjoy together, often in scenic locations such as parks or by the seaside. It was a way to escape the confines of indoor dining and embrace the beauty of nature while sharing a meal.


Backyard Barbecues Gain Popularity

With the rise of suburban living in the mid-1900s, backyard barbecues became a common social activity. Families and friends would gather in their backyard to grill food and enjoy each other's company. This marked a shift towards dining outdoors, albeit within the confines of one's property.


Outdoor Cafes and Sidewalk Dining

In the 1970s, outdoor cafes and sidewalk dining began to gain popularity in urban areas. Restaurants started offering outdoor seating options, allowing people to enjoy their meals while observing the bustling street life. This trend brought the concept of eating outside beyond private spaces and into public spaces.


Al Fresco Dining Trends

In the 1990s, the term 'al fresco' gained prominence in the dining world. Derived from Italian, it literally means 'in the fresh air'. Al fresco dining emphasized the charm and novelty of eating outdoors, whether it was at a restaurant with a patio or a casual picnic in the park. It became associated with a more upscale and trendy dining experience.

Present Day

The Rise of Eating Outside

Today, eating outside is a cultural phenomenon celebrated with its own dedicated day. It encompasses various settings and occasions, from casual picnics and barbecues to trendy rooftop lounges and street food festivals. Eating outside is not only about enjoying delicious food but also about embracing the experience of dining in nature or vibrant urban environments.

Did you know?

Did you know that enjoying a meal outdoors can actually boost your mood?


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