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What's that delightful nose I detect? A whimsical blend of fruit, with a hint of oak, or perhaps a seductive note of dark chocolate? That's right, ladies, gents, and wine enthusiasts, it's National Drink Wine Day! A glorious 24 on 18th February for us to raise our glasses high and toast to the nectar of the gods that has wound its way through human history. Grab your corkscrew, dust off that bottle in your cabinet, and let's dive in!

When is Drink Wine Day?

It's national drink wine day on the 18th February.

History and Significance

It all started, believe it or not, in 2011 with Tod Johnson, no record of any relation to the bloke who made baby oil. Our Mr. Johnson, a wine enthusiast himself, believed the world needed a slightly quirkier holiday - a day dedicated to the very delightful act of drinking wine. From that moment, the Internet caught the grape fever, 18th of February was named National Drink Wine Day, and as they say, the rest is history.

Most Active Year for National Drink Wine Day

Usually, what's in the glass is more important. But today, the numbers have us excited! A whopping 52025 mentions were detected online, with the most mentions arising on, drumroll please, February 18th, 2016. That's a lot of clinking glasses and cheer-spreading. Let's hope this year is another such corker!

Why We Celebrate

Wine is just fermented grape juice, right? Wrong! It's a potion of joy, bonding over a meal, a companion in solitude, and on some days, it's even a preferred cooking ingredient! From its storied history in the Old World to its glorious advent in the New, wine has touched all corners of our lives. So on this day, we honor our liquid ally with a cheerful ‘cheers’ and reflect with gratitude on the mirth it adds to our lives.

History behind the term 'Drink Wine'

6000 BC

Ancient Origins

The history of drinking wine can be traced back to around 6000 BC when the first evidence of fermented grapes was found in a village in present-day Georgia. Archaeologists unearthed pottery jars that contained residual wine compounds, suggesting that the people of that time were making and enjoying wine.

4000 BC

Egyptian Wine Culture

In ancient Egypt, wine had a significant cultural impact. It was considered a divine gift from the gods and played a central role in religious rituals and ceremonies. The Egyptians believed that the consumption of wine could bring them closer to the gods and had symbolic meaning in their afterlife beliefs.

1500 BC

The Wine of the Greeks

The ancient Greeks were renowned for their love of wine and made significant contributions to its cultivation and production. They introduced vineyards to various regions around the Mediterranean and developed winemaking techniques that are still used today. Wine held an essential place in Greek culture, being a staple at social gatherings, religious ceremonies, and even philosophical discussions.

56 BC

Roman Influence

The Romans, known for their vast empire, played a vital role in spreading wine culture across the territories they conquered. They improved winemaking techniques and established vineyards across Europe, including France, Spain, and Germany. Wine became intrinsic to Roman lifestyles, associated with wealth, social status, and hedonistic pleasures.


The French Revolution

The French Revolution signaled a pivotal moment in the history of wine. The eruption of political and social changes led to the redistribution of vineyards and removed the influence of the aristocracy on winemaking. This democratization of wine production allowed smaller vineyards to thrive and contributed to the diversity and quality of wines produced in France.


Prohibition in the United States

Prohibition, enacted in the United States, banned the production, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beverages, including wine. This era had a profound impact on the wine industry, causing vineyards to either shut down or turn to producing sacramental or medicinal wines. The end of Prohibition in 1933 marked a resurgence in the wine industry, with new regulations and reforms shaping its future.


The Judgment of Paris

In a blind tasting event known as the Judgment of Paris, California wines shocked the world by surpassing renowned French wines. This event, showcased in the movie 'Bottle Shock,' signaled a significant turning point for wine outside of traditional European regions. It brought global recognition to California and other New World wine regions, challenging the dominance of Old World wines.


Continued Wine Appreciation

Today, drinking wine has become a social and cultural practice enjoyed around the world. Wine tourism, festivals, and tastings have gained popularity, allowing enthusiasts to explore different varietals and regions. Wine has also become a symbol of sophistication and refined taste, with sommeliers and wine experts showcasing their knowledge and expertise.

Did you know?

Did you know, in the olden days, wine was considered safer to drink than water, due to the alcohol's ability to kill bacteria. Not quite a reason to replace your 8-glasses a day, but a fun fact nonetheless!


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