National Drink Beer Day

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Did you know that there exists a day fully dedicated to the frothy beverage that is beer? Buckle up beer lovers, National Drink Beer Day is your heaven-on-earth celebration. Observed on the 28th of September, this day is all about making some unforgettable beer memories. But, of course, with a dash of responsibility.

When is Drink Beer Day?

It's national drink beer day on the 28th September.

A Brief History on National Drink Beer Day

It’s believed that as long as there have been people, there has been beer. In fact, beer brewing is one of the oldest (and greatest) human inventions. Feeling grateful yet? The National Drink Beer Day seems to have appeared out of the haze of a chilled beer mug sometime around 2015, with the highest recorded social media mentions tipping the scale at 36825 on the 28th of September. Although the founding member of this glorious day remains as mysterious as the beer's secret recipe, the love for the beverage has ensured the day's growing popularity each year.

Responsible Drinking

The key word on National Drink Beer Day is always responsibility. It’s a day of appreciation and respect for the craft of brewing. So get ready to enjoy your favourite malt but remember - drinking responsibly means not only taking care of your health but also ensuring safety for others. Pacing yourself, drinking water between the pints and never ever drinking and driving are the golden rules to remember.

Beer - A Reason For Community Cheer

National Drink Beer Day has magically transformed from an excuse to down a pint or two into a celebration that brings people together. It's a day when the clanking of beer glasses is heard across pubs and backyards, stirring a sense of communal cheer.

Did you know?

Did you know that beer is among the world's oldest and most universally consumed alcoholic beverages? The Mesopotamians wrote a recipe for beer on one of their ancient tablets. How's that for a history lesson?


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