National Dress Up Your Pet Day

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Did you ever need a reason to play dress up with your furry friends? No? Then buckle up, pet lovers! We're ready to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day, the day that gives you the purr-fect excuse to unleash your pets' inner fashionistas.

When is Dress Up Your Pet Day?

It's national dress up your pet day on the 17th March.

A Bit of History

National Dress Up Your Pet Day actually blew up in mentions online in a quite peculiar way on March 17th, 2016 with a whopping 9390 mentions in a single day! That's a lot of pet costumes shared worldwide. Maybe there was a global pet fashion show we all forgot to attend? Uh oh!

Why it exists

So, why does this day exist? Simply put, to add some fun & joy to our lives, and let our pets steal the spotlight with their adorable outfits. Who could resist a chihuahua in a tutu or a Persian cat in a pirate hat? Don your iguana in a sweater, your goldfish in a top hat and monocle, the possibilities are endless.

How to Celebrate

The best way to celebrate this day is to... surprise, surprise... dress up your pet! But remember, before you put your pooch in polka dots, make sure they're comfortable with it, and always prioritize your pet's safety and happiness for any costumes or outfits.

Another great way to celebrate is to share your pet's picture perfect moment online, hence, those 9390 mentions! Give your cute corgi or majestic macaw a chance to strut their stuff in the digital world, and who knows, you might just set the next pet fashion trend. Just don't forget to use the official hashtag, #NationalDressUpYourPetDay, to join in the furry fun!

Parting Paws

In conclusion, National Dress Up Your Pet Day is a delightful day filled with feathers, fur and fantastic fabric. No matter how you choose to celebrate, just remember to have a blast and to keep your pet's welfare in mind.

History behind the term 'Dress Up Your Pet'

17th century

Early Beginnings

In the 17th century, wealthy Europeans began dressing up their pets as a symbol of their social standing. It was common to see pampered dogs and cats adorned with fancy collars and ribbons. This practice showcased the owner's wealth and demonstrated their ability to provide luxury even to their pets.

19th century

Pet Fashion Shows

By the 19th century, the notion of dressing up pets gained further popularity. Pet fashion shows became a sensation, providing a platform for proud pet owners to showcase their creatively dressed companions. These events often featured elaborate costumes, giving pets a chance to steal the spotlight and show off their unique style.

20th century

Hollywood Influence

In the early 20th century, Hollywood played a significant role in popularizing the concept of dressing up pets. Famous actors and actresses were often seen carrying their pets in stylish outfits, creating a trend that quickly spread among pet owners. The entertainment industry's influence helped shape the perception that dressing up pets was a fun and fashionable activity.

Late 20th century

Pet Costumes go Mainstream

The late 20th century witnessed a growing trend of dressing up pets for special occasions and holidays. With the introduction of pet costumes in stores and online, it became easier than ever for pet owners to find unique outfits for their furry friends. The pet costume industry boomed, offering an array of options beyond traditional collars and ribbons.

Present day

Celebrating National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day is celebrated on January 14th each year. This special day encourages pet owners to truly let their creativity shine and dress up their pets in all sorts of imaginative costumes. Whether it's for a fun photo session, a costume party, or just for giggles, National Dress Up Your Pet Day celebrates the joy and creativity that comes with pampering our beloved furry companions.

Did you know?

Did you know, the world's most expensive dog collar is the 'Amour, Amour', valued at $3.2 million and bedazzled with over a thousand diamonds!


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