National Doorbell Day

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Greetings, doorbell enthusiasts and ring-a-ding-dongers! It's time to celebrate National Doorbell Day!

When is Doorbell Day?

It's national doorbell day on the 31st October.


On this joyous occasion, we pay homage to that trusty button on our front doors that announces the arrivals of loved ones, delivery folks, and nosey neighbors. Yes, folks, we're talking about doorbells, those melodic marvels that have saved us from countless awkward moments of knocking on locked doors or shouting, 'Yoo-hoo! Anyone home?' at the top of our lungs.

Now, you might be wondering why we're dedicating an entire day to these humble yet essential devices. Well, let us enlighten you with a bit of doorbell history. The invention of the electric doorbell is credited to one Joseph Henry, who, back in 1831, developed the concept while working on his experiments with electromagnetism. Talk about a eureka moment!

Since then, doorbells have gone through countless iterations and improvements. We've witnessed the rise of wireless doorbells, complete with fancy chimes and customizable melodies that let you express your unique doorbell personality. There are doorbells that connect to your smartphone, allowing you to see who's ringing your bell even when you're not home. And let's not forget the doorbell cameras that keep pesky porch pirates and curious creatures at bay.

It's safe to say that doorbells have come a long way, and National Doorbell Day is the perfect time to appreciate the convenience, joy, and sometimes frustration they bring to our lives.

Fun Doorbell Facts:

Did you know that the very first wireless doorbell system was introduced in 1970 by David H. Cook? It revolutionized the way we announce visitors and made door-to-door salespeople a little less intrusive. We thank you, Mr. Cook!

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's most expensive doorbell was made of 20-carat diamonds and solid gold? It cost a whopping $30,000! Now that's bling at your doorstep.


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