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Before we get started, make sure you've got a sweet craving ready, because we're diving into a hole... a donut hole that is! Prepare your taste buds to explore the rich, frosted, and delightfully sprinkle-coated internet history of National Donuts Day.

When is Donuts Day?

It's national donuts day on the 5th June.

The Sweet Rise of National Donuts Day

On National Donuts Day, a simple dough ring is the hero of the day, coated in sugar or cream, and celebrated by the young and old alike. But have you ever wondered when this hole-ly day came into being? The glazing trail of love for donuts online can be traced back to public posts in 2015.

On June 5th, 2015, the internet witnessed a donut frenzy. Whether calorie counters jumped ship or everyone suddenly woke up with a baker’s spirit, our data swirled out a sweet 2,478 online mentions of National Donuts Day. That's enough to fill a respectable bakery!

Break Down of the Donut Day Craze

Mentions across various online platforms fuelled a rise in the popularity of this delicious day. Posts ranged from mouth-watering photos of fresh, just-out-of-the-oven donuts to local bakeries offering deals and promotions. Some creative users even gave a playful twist to their donut-centric posts, featuring donut-shaped pool floats, earrings, and even cats poking their heads through large inflatable donuts.

Checklists of must-try flavors, DIY donut decoration tips, and information about local events were also abundant. The 2015 donut day phenomenon truly showcased the charm and warmth the humble donut adds to our days, making this a high-point in donut-lore.

Beyond The Frosting

While the joy of biting into a well-glazed donut needs no specific day, National Donuts Day is more than just an excuse to cheat on your diet. It’s a day to celebrate an iconic food item that brings smiles worldwide, and highlights the small, often-overlooked pleasure of sitting down to a simple treat. It is these tiny moments, that glaze our life with the sweet taste of gastronomic joy.

History behind the term 'Donuts'


The Birth of the Term

The term 'donuts' originated in 1809 when a New England ship captain named Hanson Gregory created a new style of fried treat. Gregory punched a hole in the center of the dough to solve the problem of the undercooked center. This innovative creation was initially referred to as 'doughnuts,' due to their round shape, but the abbreviation 'donuts' quickly gained popularity.


The Rise of Dunkin' Donuts

In 1920, William Rosenberg opened a small food shop called 'Open Kettle' in Quincy, Massachusetts. He later renamed it 'Dunkin' Donuts' in 1950. The name was inspired by the popular practice of dunking donuts into coffee, a habit that many people enjoyed. Dunkin' Donuts grew rapidly and became one of the most successful and iconic donut chains worldwide.


The Invention of the Donut Machine

In 1937, the first automated donut machine was introduced by a Russian refugee named Adolph Levitt. This invention revolutionized the donut industry by allowing mass production of donuts in bakeries. The machine significantly increased efficiency and lowered costs, making donuts more accessible to the general public.


National Donut Day

National Donut Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday of June. This event originated in 1938 to honor the Salvation Army volunteers who served donuts to soldiers during World War I. The day promotes the joy and deliciousness of donuts while also commemorating the important historical role of donuts in supporting morale among soldiers.

Did you know?

Did you know the center of a donut is 100% fat-free? So if you've been agonising about indulging your craving, worry no more! You'd be doing yourself a 100% fat-free favour!


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