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What's the day when we all flip for flippered friends? That's right – it's National Dolphin Day! Leap, smile, and make some waves with our bringer of boundless joy, none other than the dolphin. An internet sensation since its inception, this day helps us remember that life’s too short not to smile just like our finned buddies.

When is Dolphin Day?

It's national dolphin day on the 14th April.

A Splash of History

Although dolphins have always had an endearing place in human hearts, it wasn't until the internet age that National Dolphin Day actually took the virtual world by storm. On April 14, 2015, it made an astounding number of waves on the internet, with 6042 mentions online. This trend continued, making it a day beloved by many.

Why Dolphins, Anyway?

Dolphins, renowned for their intelligence and friendliness, have long captured the hearts of people across the world. From their striking appearance to their playful frolics, dolphins symbolize joy, freedom, and harmony to many which is probably why the internet fell in love with this day.

So, How Do We Celebrate?

This day is often celebrated by raising awareness about the wellbeing of dolphins, fun-filled water activities, or simply by sharing adorable dolphin gifs across various online platforms. So, whether you're a landlubber or a sea aficionado, National Dolphin Day offers everyone a chance to honor these magnificent creatures.

History behind the term 'Dolphin'

Prehistoric Times

Ancient Art Depictions

The origin of the term 'dolphin' can be traced back to prehistoric times. Archaeological evidence suggests that dolphins were recognized and depicted by ancient cultures through cave paintings and rock art. These ancient depictions show the early fascination and connection between humans and dolphins.

8th Century BCE

Greek Mythology and the Delphic Oracle

In ancient Greece, the term 'dolphin' gained further significance through mythology. Dolphins were considered sacred animals associated with various deities, particularly Apollo, the Greek god of music, poetry, and prophecy. The Delphic Oracle, a revered religious institution in Greece, revered dolphins as significant messengers of the gods, believed to have the ability to communicate with humans. This association solidified the cultural importance of dolphins.

13th Century CE

Expanding Terminology

During the 13th century, the term 'dolphin' began to be widely used in English to refer to the marine mammal we know today. Originally, the word 'dolphin' was primarily used to describe various marine creatures, including whales, porpoises, and sometimes even sharks. However, as scientific understanding improved, the term became more specific and now exclusively represents the marine mammal species we associate with dolphins.


Dolphin Research and Conservation

The 1960s marked a turning point in the study and conservation of dolphins. Scientists began to recognize the intelligence and social complexity of dolphins, leading to intensified research efforts. Pioneering work by researchers like John C. Lilly helped to shed light on dolphin cognition, communication, and behavior. This increased understanding led to a shift in public perception, highlighting the need to protect and conserve these remarkable marine mammals.

21st Century

Cultural Symbolism and Popularity

In the 21st century, dolphins have become powerful symbols of intelligence, playfulness, and freedom in popular culture. Their graceful nature and close interactions with humans have made them beloved mascots, appearing in movies, literature, and advertisements. Additionally, the importance of dolphin conservation and welfare has gained global attention, leading to various initiatives and organizations working towards their protection. The term 'dolphin' now evokes a sense of wonder and respect for these incredible creatures.

Did you know?

Did you know? Dolphins have exceptional eyesight and hearing, with the ability to use echolocation to find the exact location of objects.


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