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Alright, dog lovers, gather around! We're here to chat about our furry friends – from pomeranians to poodles, bulldogs to beagles, all in honor of National Dogs Day! Go on, give Rover that extra belly rub today!

When is Dogs Day?

It's national dogs day on the 26th August.

A Tail-Wagging History

Let's dig (like a dog after a bone) into the history of National Dogs Day. Our online sniffer detected nearly 6998 mentions of this lovable day, with the most mentions barking up our servers on August 26, 2015. Now, that's a lot of puppy love!

Every Dog Has Its Day

While we agree every day should be National Dog’s Day (because, come on, just look at that fluffy face), this special day gives us the paw-fect excuse to shower our canine companions with extra love and share their tail-wagging charm with the world. It's not just about spoiling your pet either! National Dog's Day encourages us to appreciate all dogs, regardless of their breed or size or whether they’re a loving family pet or a hard-working service animal. So save some space on that comfy couch for Fido!

Barking Up The Right Social Media Tree

If you’re a social media hound, this is also a day to fill your feeds with pictures of your beloved pets and those irresistible puppy dog eyes. But let's not just stop at selfies with our four-legged friends, let's use the day to raise awareness for dogs who are still waiting for a loving home in the shelters. It's a great day to inform aspiring dog owners about the responsibilities of owning a pet and perhaps even adopt a deserving doggo from a local rescue organization. Do a good deed, receive slobbery kisses in return. Sounds about right, isn't it?

History behind the term 'Dogs'

15,000 BCE

Early Domestication

The history of dogs can be traced back to around 15,000 BCE, when early humans began domesticating wild canines. These prehistoric dogs were likely used for hunting and provided companionship to our ancestors.

3,000 BCE

Ancient Civilizations

By 3,000 BCE, dogs had become an integral part of ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. They were revered for their loyalty and protective instincts, often depicted in sculptures and artwork.

9th Century CE

Canis Familiaris

In the 9th century CE, the term 'dogs' started to be widely used to refer to domesticated canines. The Latin term 'Canis familiaris' was commonly used in scientific classifications as a way to distinguish dogs from other members of the Canidae family.

18th Century

Dog Breeds

The 18th century witnessed the development of specific dog breeds through selective breeding. Breed standards and registries were established, allowing for the classification and recognition of different breeds based on their physical characteristics and behavior.


First Dog Show

The first modern dog show, known as the Grand International Show, took place in Newcastle, England, in 1865. This event showcased various dog breeds and further popularized the notion of dogs as companion animals and showpieces.


First Guide Dogs

In 1922, the first guide dog training school, The Seeing Eye, was founded in Switzerland. This marked a significant milestone in using dogs to assist individuals with visual impairments, revolutionizing the field of service dogs.


Soviet Space Dog

The year 1957 saw the launch of the Soviet Union's spacecraft with a living passenger, Laika, a mixed-breed dog. Although Laika did not survive the mission, her journey paved the way for human space exploration and highlighted the enduring bond between humans and dogs.


Celebrating Dogs

Today, dogs hold a cherished place in our society. National Dog Day (August 26) and various dog-related holidays across the globe celebrate the companionship, loyalty, and impact of dogs on human lives. Dogs continue to serve us in various roles, including search and rescue, therapy, and simply as loving pets.

Did you know?

Did you know that you can get a puppy party pack to celebrate National Dogs Day in style? It's true! From special doggy bandanas, tasty treats, to toys that will keep tails wagging all day - you can make it the happiest of days for your furry friend!


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