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Who let the dogs out? Everybody did on National Doggo Day! Sometimes called our 'fur babies' or 'four-legged therapists', dogs have a special place in our hearts and homes. Have you ever wondered how the internet decided to celebrate all the doggos of the world? Fetch a comfy spot, as this article unravels the tail, erm, tale of this enchanting day.

When is Doggo Day?

It's national doggo day on the 27th August.

A Bark Through Time

The rise in mentions of National Doggo Day online paints a nifty snapshot of our shared love for dogs. This trend truly picked up the pace on August 27, 2019, where we detected a whooping 4337 online mentions of National Doggo Day. Presumably, this particular day went viral due to a fusion of heartwarming dog photographs and passionate pet parents sharing their stories.

The Tail Behind The Day

Despite popular belief, Doggo Day wasn't just whipped up in some bored internet user's basement. The splurge in National Doggo Day mentions on the internet is an indication of our affection for man's best friend, and a testament to dogs' unconditional love and loyalty.

How The Internet Celebrates

When it comes to National Doggo Day, people passionately share adorable photos, heart-rendering rescue stories, and videos of their pooches doing everything from tricks to the puppy dog eye look. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors walk the internet's virtual runway, oozing spunk, charm, and lots of fluff. It's a haven for dog lovers and guarantees to put a smile on even the grumpiest cat person's face.

Every Dog Has Its Day

Whether it's pampering our dogs with an extra treat, a special walk, a snuggly nap, or simply spreading love and awareness online about the importance of adoption, National Doggo Day encourages us to celebrate and appreciate the tail-wagging, face-licking joy that dogs bring into our lives. So here's to our furry friends, who are forever ready to lend an ear, offer a comforting paw or give us a reason to step outside for a sunny day at the park. Happy National Doggo Day!

History behind the term 'Doggo'


The Emergence

Doggo, a term used to refer to a dog, first gained popularity on the internet in 2016. It started as an affectionate way of addressing dogs and quickly spread across social media platforms, especially Reddit and Twitter. The term 'doggo' perfectly captured the playful and endearing nature of our furry friends, leading to its rapid adoption in online communities.


The Doggo Jargon

In 2017, the term 'doggo' became part of a larger jargon related to dogs on the internet. People started using other terms like 'pupper' for a small puppy or 'woofer' for a bigger dog. The rise of dog-related internet memes furthered the usage of these terms, creating a shared language of canine appreciation. The doggo jargon gained so much popularity that it even inspired merchandise and online communities dedicated to celebrating dogs.


Memes and Virality

By 2018, the term 'doggo' had become a staple in internet culture. Memes featuring doggo-related phrases, images, and videos flooded social media platforms. From 'heckin' to 'boop the snoot,' these playful expressions became synonymous with doggo culture. The viral nature of doggo memes helped spread the term even further, reaching a broader audience and firmly establishing its place in popular culture.


Recognition in Dictionaries

The widespread usage and cultural impact of the term 'doggo' led to its recognition and inclusion in dictionaries. In 2019, the term officially entered mainstream dictionaries like the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster. This acknowledgment solidified 'doggo' as a legitimate word in the English language, attesting to its significance and relevance in contemporary society.


Continued Popularity

Today, 'doggo' remains a beloved term, commonly used to describe all kinds of dogs. It has transcended the online world and permeated everyday language, with people using it affectionately both online and offline. The term's versatile nature has allowed it to evolve and adapt to various dog-related references, maintaining its position as a lighthearted and endearing way to talk about our four-legged companions.

Did you know?

Did you know the term 'doggo' originates from late 19th Century British English, where it meant to remain quiet and hidden? Fast-forward to today, and it's internet slang for our beloved dogs!


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