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Dishwasher, the unsung hero of our kitchens, the reliable partner who never complains about last night's messy paella feast or your overenthusiastic (and under-successful) attempts at homemade sushi. And now, dishwasher, it's your turn to shine - on your own national day! Yes indeed, friends, bask in the somewhat soapy truth that there's a whole day dedicated to dishwashers, and it's just as quirky and charming as you'd expect!

When is Dishwasher Day?

It's national dishwasher day on the 8th March.

A Sparkling Tribute

Created out of the utmost recognition for this undeniably crucial household appliance, National Dishwasher Day slid its way onto the calendar. With a fleeting four mentions noticed online, it's still in baby stages of recognizing its full potential. The most fervent conversations occurred on March 8, 2021, but the wave of dishwasher adulation seems to be only just beginning!

Scrubbing Up On History

So, who's to thank for the miraculous waterspout that washed away our scrubbing worries? Well, the first practical dishwasher was invented back in 1887 by Josephine Cochrane, an American woman who was tired of her servants scratching up her fine china. Innovation born out of laziness? Now there's some food for thought while you're loading up your dishwasher next!

Why Observe It?

Firstly, if your dishwasher could talk, it would probably have more than few stories to tell, from vanishing teaspoons to that time your little one decided to include his teddy bear in the load. So, it’s high time we shared a toast (preferably with glasses cleaned in a dishwasher) to this sterling servant of our households.

Joining the Celebration

No, you don't need to start a water fight in your kitchen or try to cram unsuitable items into your machine. A simple thanks, a thorough clean, or even an energy-saving eco-wash will do. The purpose of National Dishwasher Day is to bring awareness to its importance and the roles it plays for our convenience.

Wrapping Up

Whether you're a kitchen minimalist or a holiday feast enthusiast, the trusty dishwasher is an ally that deserves its moment in the spotlight – even if the spotlight in this instance is the comforting hum of water jets against crockery. So here’s to National Dishwasher Day!

History behind the term 'Dishwasher'


The First Attempts

In the year 1850, the term 'dishwasher' came into existence as the first rudimentary machines designed to clean dishes were invented. These early dishwashers featured a hand-cranked rotary mechanism that sprayed water on the dishes to remove food particles. However, they were not widely adopted due to their high cost and inefficiency.


Josephine Cochrane's Innovation

Josephine Cochrane, an inventor and socialite, is credited with revolutionizing the dishwasher. In 1886, she patented an automatic dishwasher that used water pressure to spray the dishes. This innovation not only improved the cleaning process but also paved the way for modern dishwasher designs. Cochrane's dishwasher was initially targeted towards hotels and commercial establishments.


Mass Production and Residential Availability

In 1924, dishwashers started to be mass-produced and became more affordable for residential use. This allowed for broader adoption and marked the beginning of dishwashers becoming a common household appliance. The introduction of dishwasher detergent tablets in the 1950s further simplified the dishwashing process for consumers.


Incorporation of Stainless Steel

During the 1960s, dishwasher manufacturers began incorporating stainless steel interiors into their designs. Stainless steel not only increased durability but also improved the efficiency of dishwashing by providing better heat retention and distribution. This advancement propelled dishwashers into becoming even more popular among households.


Energy and Water Efficiency

In the 1980s, dishwasher manufacturers started focusing on energy and water efficiency. Introduction of energy-saving features such as soil sensors and improved insulation allowed for reduced energy consumption. Additionally, water-saving technologies significantly decreased the amount of water required for a single cycle, making dishwashers more environmentally friendly.

Did you know?

Did you know that the dishwasher can actually be more water efficient than hand washing dishes? A study by the University of Bonn in Germany found that people used more than three times as much water hand washing as a modern dishwasher does!


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