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Welcome to National Dad Joke Day - a day to groan, chuckle and facepalm all at once. Sit down, buckle up, and prepare to be 'dadjoked' beyond your wildest dreams as we dive into the hilarious, toe-curling world of dad humor! P.S. Don't forget your laughter, eyerolls and obligatory 'Oh, dad!' exclamations at the ready!

When is Dad Joke Day?

It's national dad joke day on the 21st June.

How it all began

Surprisingly, National Dad Joke Day wasn't birthed from a moment of hilarity but during an incredible surge of online appreciation for dad humor that reached fever pitch on June 21, 2015. On this day, the digital universe was awash with terrible puns, cringy knock-knock jokes and classic 'when I was your age' zingers. Go ahead and mark your calendar, because you don't want to miss a chance to honour this incredibly important tradition, do you?

What's the deal with dad jokes?

Dad jokes, notorious for causing simultaneous laughter and facepalm, are a unique brand of humor beloved (and sometimes begrudgingly tolerated) worldwide. They are typically simple, goofy, and remarkably predictable, thereby qualifying for the 'So bad, they're good' category. Whether it's a pun so obvious it hurts or an absurdly literal interpretation of a common phrase, dad jokes are a charming reminder of endearing dadisms everywhere.

Why we love it

No matter how much we pretend to moan about them, there's something about a good dad joke that warms our hearts. They remind us of family get-togethers, road trips and the simple ritual of sitting around the dinner table. National Dad Joke Day is more than just a tribute to laughable comedy, it's a celebration of our shared humanity, the joy of laughter, the bonds of family, and the beauty of a clever pun. So let's laugh or groan together because as corny as they might be, we simply couldn't imagine the world without them!

History behind the term 'Dad Joke'


The Birth of Dad Jokes

In 1987, the term 'dad joke' was first coined to describe a particular type of humor that fathers are known for. Dad jokes are typically cheesy, pun-filled, and often elicit groans rather than laughter. The term became popularized as a way to distinguish this specific style of jokes.


The Birth of 'Dad Jokes'

The term 'dad joke' originated in 1959, when it was used to describe the kind of corny, cheesy jokes that fathers often tell their children. These jokes were usually characterized by their predictable punchlines and groan-inducing humor.


The Birth of the Dad Joke

The term 'dad joke' originates in 1987, when it was first coined to describe a specific type of humor enjoyed by fathers. Dad jokes are typically known for their puns, cheesy wordplay, and a slightly cringeworthy quality that often elicits groans rather than genuine laughter.


Emergence in Pop Culture

Throughout the 1990s, dad jokes gained popularity and recognition in pop culture. Comedians and sitcoms often portrayed dads as purveyors of these cheesy one-liners, further solidifying the term 'dad joke' in the collective consciousness.


The Rise of Dad Jokes

During the mid-1990s, dad jokes started gaining traction in popular culture. They began to appear more frequently in movies, sitcoms, and stand-up comedy routines. Their appeal extended beyond fathers and became a beloved source of amusement for many.


Popularity in Comedy Circles

During the 1970s, 'dad jokes' gained popularity in comedy circles. Comedians started incorporating these lighthearted, pun-filled jokes into their routines, often poking fun at the stereotypical style of humor associated with dads. The term became more widely recognized and used.


Online Memes and Social Media

With the rise of the internet and social media, dad jokes found a new platform for their groan-inducing humor. Memes dedicated to dad jokes and online communities celebrating this unique brand of humor began to thrive, creating a virtual space where dads and joke enthusiasts could share their favorite dad jokes.


Internet Memes and Spread of Dad Jokes

With the rise of the internet in the 1990s, dad jokes found a new platform for dissemination. Online forums, chat rooms, and websites became breeding grounds for dad jokes, as people shared their favorite cheesy one-liners with the world. Memes and social media further amplified their popularity in the digital age.


The Internet's Love for Dad Jokes

The advent of the internet in the early 2000s brought dad jokes to a whole new level of popularity. Online platforms such as social media, forums, and websites dedicated to humor embraced dad jokes and amplified their reach. Memes and viral videos featuring dad jokes became incredibly popular, further solidifying their place in internet culture.


Dad Jokes in Pop Culture

By 2014, dad jokes had permeated various aspects of pop culture. They were commonly shared on late-night talk shows, incorporated into comedy sketches, and even used in advertising campaigns. Dad jokes became a symbol of wholesome, lighthearted humor that resonated with a wide audience.


Mainstream Recognition and Dad Joke Appreciation

In the 2010s, dad jokes achieved mainstream recognition and a newfound appreciation. Dad jokes began to be celebrated for their endearing, cringe-worthy charm and their ability to bring people together through shared groans and laughter. They became a cultural phenomenon, featured in books, online communities, and even television shows.


Dad Jokes in Mainstream Media

2012 marked a turning point for dad jokes, as they started to gain more recognition in mainstream media. They became a staple of late-night talk show monologues, and even major companies started incorporating dad jokes into their advertising campaigns, further cementing their cultural significance.


Recognition in the Dictionary

In 2019, the term 'dad joke' was officially recognized by Merriam-Webster and added to the dictionary. This acknowledgment solidified dad jokes as a legitimate form of comedy, highlighting their enduring popularity and cultural significance.


The Dad Joke Renaissance

In recent years, dad jokes have experienced a renaissance, becoming a beloved form of humor embraced by people of all ages. Dad joke competitions and festivals have emerged, celebrating the art of the corny punchline. The term 'dad joke' has become not just a descriptor but a badge of honor for those who appreciate this particular kind of comedic wit.

Present Day

Dad Jokes as a Form of Bonding

Today, dad jokes continue to serve as a form of bonding and light-hearted fun. Whether it's shared among family members, friends, or strangers, the simple act of telling and enjoying dad jokes has become a way to create connections and spread a little joy. The term 'dad joke' has become deeply ingrained in popular culture, representing a specific style of humor that transcends generations.

Did you know?

Did you know that according to a study by humor research, dad jokes—which often revolve around puns—can help improve children's linguistic skills? That's right, every 'I'm hungry!' 'Hello, Hungry, I'm Dad!' is teaching valuable language lessons!


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