National Curving Day

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Welcome to the wacky world of National Curving Day! This day is all about acknowledging our skill in expertly swerving away from awkward conversations, avoiding unwanted hugs, and gracefully dodging social commitments. So put on your swivel hips and get ready to curve like a pro!

When is Curving Day?

It's national curving day on the 3rd April.

The Origins of National Curving Day

No one really knows who first invented the art of 'curving,' but it's a skill most of us have mastered over time. The term itself originated from the hip-hop community, where 'curving' referred to rejecting someone's romantic advances. Over time, the meaning of the word expanded to include any kind of skillful avoidance in social situations.

People have been curving long before the internet came into existence. However, the rise of social media and texting platforms has given us more opportunities than ever to showcase our curving prowess. We can conveniently leave messages on 'read,' ignore event invites, and even ghost someone with the touch of a button. It's truly a golden age for curving!

Celebrating National Curving Day

On this special day, it's time to honor our exceptional curving abilities. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate:

  • Host a 'Curvers Only' party where everyone gets to share their best curve stories. Cue the belly laughs and friendly competition!
  • Create hilarious 'curve responses' memes to share with your friends. Remember, laughing together is as important as curving together!
  • Organize a social experiment by attempting to curve someone in the most creative way possible. Extra points for style and finesse!
  • Send a card or a small token of appreciation to someone who has expertly curved you in the past. Let them know you're in awe of their curving skills!

Did You Know?

If you didn't already know, curving doesn't have to be mean-spirited or hurtful. It's all about setting boundaries and being honest while maintaining a light-hearted approach. Remember, it's okay to curve someone if it aligns with your personal comfort and well-being!

History behind the term 'Curving'


Introduction of 'Curve' as a noun

The term 'curve' first appeared in the English language during the 19th century as a noun. It refers to a line or shape that smoothly bends and changes direction without any sharp angles. This word became a part of everyday language, used to describe various physical and mathematical concepts involving curved lines and surfaces.


Adoption of 'Curvy' as a slang term

During the 1920s, a new slang term emerged: 'curvy'. This term took inspiration from the noun 'curve' but was used to describe a person's body shape. 'Curvy' referred to an attractive figure that had shapely and well-defined curves. It celebrated a more voluptuous and feminine physique in contrast to the slender ideal that was prevalent in the fashion industry.


Evolution into 'Curving' as a verb

In the 1990s, the term 'curving' began to gain popularity as a verb in the context of interpersonal relationships. It referred to the act of actively avoiding, ignoring, or rejecting someone's advances or attempts at establishing a romantic connection. 'Curving' became a way to describe the rejection with a subtle finesse, often involving ambiguous responses or diverting the conversation away from the intended topic.


Rise of 'Curving' in the era of online dating

With the advent of online dating, the term 'curving' found its place in the digital realm. It became more prevalent as a way to describe the common practice of someone intentionally not responding or showing interest in their online match, while still maintaining some form of communication. 'Curving' in this context was seen as a way to keep potential options open or avoid direct confrontation.

Did you know?

Did you know? The most common form of curving in the online dating world is the 'slow fade.' It's when someone gradually responds less frequently until the conversation fizzles out completely. It's a gentle way to let someone down without bluntly rejecting them. Talk about being curvy with kindness!


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