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Welcome to, where we celebrate all the quirky and unique national days that make life a little more interesting! Today, we're diving into the fascinating world of National Curl Crush Day, a day that celebrates those luscious locks that make our hearts skip a beat and our hair envy skyrocket.

When is Curl Crush Day?

It's national curl crush day on the 16th March.

The Birth of National Curl Crush Day

Every March 16th, people from all walks of life come together to honor the beauty and versatility of curly hair. Whether you have naturally curly hair or rock those gorgeous curls with the help of a curling iron, National Curl Crush Day is your time to shine.

Curly hair has a long and storied history. From the iconic hairstyles of the 1920s to the embrace of natural curls in recent years, curls have always captivated and charmed. National Curl Crush Day is an opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of curly hair and the confidence it brings to those who embrace it.

National Curl Crush Day

Celebrating with Curl Confidence

On this special day, people show off their curls with pride. It's a chance to experiment with different hairstyles, try new products, or simply let those curls flow free.

Celebrities and influencers join the celebration by sharing their favorite curly hair tips, products, and styles on social media. From tutorials on how to achieve the perfect curls to product recommendations for maintaining healthy locks, there's no shortage of inspiration for curl enthusiasts everywhere.

A Curl Crush Did-You-Know

Did you know that curly hair is actually stronger than straight hair? The natural bends and twists in the hair shaft give curly hair more resilience and tensile strength. So not only do curls look fabulous, but they're also more resilient to damage.

History behind the term 'Curl Crush'


The Birth of Curl Crush

In 2009, the term 'curl crush' emerged in the natural hair community as a way to express affection and admiration for someone's naturally curly hair. This term quickly gained popularity on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, where users began using the hashtag #curlcrush to share photos and compliments about each other's curly hair.


Emergence of Curly Hair Trends

In the early 2000s, a major shift occurred in the beauty industry, celebrating and embracing natural hair textures. Curly hair gained popularity, and people started to experiment with various hairstyles and products to enhance their natural curls. This marked the beginning of the curly hair revolution, as individuals with wavy, curly, and coily hair embraced their unique textures.


The birth of social media

In the year 2000, social media began its meteoric rise, transforming the way people communicate and share information online. Platforms like MySpace and Friendster gained popularity, creating a new digital landscape for social interactions.


The explosion of YouTube tutorials

Around 2007, YouTube became a hub for tutorials on various topics, including hair styling. Hairstylists and enthusiasts started sharing their techniques and tips, including ways to achieve beautiful curls. This led to increased interest in and appreciation for curly hair.


Introduction of Hair Crush

Around 2005, the term 'hair crush' originated within the natural hair community. It referred to someone with a hair type or style that others admired or aspired to achieve. People started sharing pictures, tutorials, and stories about their hair crushes, creating a sense of inspiration and community among those with curly hair.


Mainstream Recognition

By 2012, 'curl crush' had gained significant traction in mainstream culture, with beauty blogs and magazines featuring articles and tutorials on how to achieve the perfect curls. The term became synonymous with the appreciation and celebration of natural hair, inspiring many individuals to embrace their curls.


Empowering Natural Hair Movement

In 2015, the natural hair movement reached new heights, with 'curl crush' as a central concept. The term became an empowering expression of self-love, encouraging people of all backgrounds to embrace their unique curl patterns and reject societal norms of beauty. 'Curl crush' became a symbol of pride and acceptance, fostering a sense of community among curly-haired individuals globally.


Transition to Curl Crush

As the natural hair movement continued to evolve, the term 'curl crush' emerged as a more specific variation of 'hair crush.' 'Curl crush' specifically referred to a person admired for their beautiful, well-defined curls. The term gained popularity on social media platforms, where individuals with curly hair could follow, support, and be inspired by their favorite curl crushes.


Curly hair renaissance

The year 2012 marked a significant turning point for curly hair. The natural hair movement gained traction, emphasizing self-acceptance and embracing one's natural texture. This cultural shift challenged traditional beauty standards and sparked a curl revolution.


Mainstream Awareness and Representation

By 2015, the curly hair movement had gained significant momentum, and the term 'curl crush' became widely recognized. The media started featuring individuals with natural curls, highlighting their beauty and uniqueness. This increased representation not only empowered those with curly hair but also encouraged others to embrace and celebrate their own natural hair textures.


The rise of the 'Curl Crush'

In 2018, the term 'curl crush' emerged as a popular phrase among those with curly and wavy hair. It refers to someone who has an intense admiration or attraction toward individuals with beautifully styled or naturally curly hair. The 'curl crush' community celebrates and uplifts curly-haired individuals, fostering a sense of inclusivity and empowerment.


Inclusive Representation

By 2018, 'curl crush' had played a significant role in breaking beauty standards and promoting diverse representation. Brands began showcasing models and influencers with a variety of natural hair textures, promoting inclusivity and challenging traditional notions of beauty. The term 'curl crush' became a catalyst for change, inspiring conversations around representation and diversity in the beauty industry.


Continued Popularity and Cultural Influence

In the present day, 'curl crush' continues to thrive as a term that celebrates and embraces natural hair. It remains widely used on social media platforms, serving as a source of inspiration, encouragement, and support for curly-haired individuals. 'Curl crush' has become more than just a term; it embodies a movement that emphasizes self-expression, self-acceptance, and the empowerment of embracing one's natural beauty.

Present Day

Continued Popularity and Empowerment

In the present day, 'curl crush' remains a popular term within the natural hair community. It continues to celebrate and inspire those with curly hair, fostering a sense of confidence, self-expression, and beauty. With continued representation and awareness, the term 'curl crush' symbolizes the cultural impact of embracing natural hair and diversity in beauty standards.

Did you know?

Did you know that curly hair is actually stronger than straight hair? The natural bends and twists in the hair shaft give curly hair more resilience and tensile strength. So not only do curls look fabulous, but they're also more resilient to damage.


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