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Greet the day with the delicious aroma of buttercream frosting as we whisk you into the world of National Cupcake Day! This scrumptious day of honouring mini-cakes with just the perfect ratio of frosting to sponge was consumed in a delightful whirlwind of digital cupcake memorabilia and real-life sugary celebrations.

When is Cupcake Day?

It's national cupcake day on the 15th December.

Crumbly Origins

The life of the party, cupcakes, have been gracing our celebrations since the 19th Century, with National Cupcake Day said to be traced back to the early 2000s. Even in its crumbly infancy, this day was sprinkled with joy and frosted with eager bakers on a quest to honour the humble cupcake.

Whisked to Stardom with Internet Love

As per our stats, we have detected 12508 mentions of this frolic-filled day. Interestingly, it whipped up a storm on 15th December 2015, marking the highest peak of online mentions. Perhaps it was a chilly winter's day and everyone decided that a cupcake-inspired baking frenzy was in order, or maybe someone invented a mind-blowing new frosting flavour. We may never know, but what's certain is the Internet's shared love for this mini cake.

Adding a Cherry on Top

So, whether you're a classic vanilla-lover, an adventurous red velvet aficionado, or a fancy macaroon-devourer, there's a wonderfully warm cupcake-shaped spot in digital space reserved specifically for you on National Cupcake Day. While every day can be a cupcake day to a true pan-o-holic, having a date where you can boost your cupcake appreciation level up a notch, get experimental with flavours or join a worldwide bunch of frosted, sprinkled and filled-with-love cupcakes is truly special.

History behind the term 'Cupcake'


The Origin of the Term

The term 'cupcake' first appeared in American English in 1796. The word itself was derived from the method of measuring ingredients used in early recipes. These recipes called for ingredients to be measured by the cup, which led to the name 'cupcake'. At this time, 'cupcake' referred to any cake that was baked in a cup or small mold.


The Definition Broadens

In 1828, the term 'cupcake' was included in the first American cookbook published by Eliza Leslie, titled 'Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats'. This book introduced a broader definition of 'cupcake' as a small cake baked in a cup or small mold, usually with icing or other decoration on top.


The Advent of Paper Liners

In 1919, the widespread adoption of paper liners revolutionized the cupcake-making process. Previously, cupcakes were baked in individual metal or ceramic cups, which required significant cleaning after each use. Paper liners made it easier to produce and distribute cupcakes, leading to an increase in their popularity.


Industrialization and Mass Production

During the 1950s, industrialization and technological advancements in food production led to the mass production of cupcakes. Bakeries and food manufacturers began using automated machines to mix, bake, and decorate cupcakes, making them more accessible and affordable for the general public.


Cupcake Craze

In the early 2000s, cupcakes experienced a resurgence in popularity, often referred to as the 'cupcake craze'. This trend was fueled by the emergence of specialty cupcake bakeries and reality TV shows like 'Cupcake Wars' and 'DC Cupcakes'. Cupcakes became not only a tasty treat but also a creative canvas for intricate designs and flavors.

Did you know?

While the origins of the cupcake can be traced back to the 19th century, the term ‘cupcake’ was first mentioned in E. Leslie's 1828 'Receipts' cookery book, not for its shape or size, but because the ingredients were measured in cups!


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