National Crown Royal Day

Pour yourself a glass of Crown Royal whisky and put on your finest purple velvet robe as we explore the origins of National Crown Royal Day. Picture a regal celebration with crowns, whisky, and royal fanfare!.
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Cheers, fellow internet historians! Pour yourself a glass of Crown Royal whisky and cozy up in those purple velvet robes, as we journey back through the web to discover the origins of National Crown Royal Day. Celebrations, fanfare, and plenty of spirited merriment await, hold onto your regal crowns!

When is Crown Royal Day?

It's national crown royal day on the 26th May.

A Regal Celebration

Alas, the internet only contains four recorded mentions of National Crown Royal Day, but like a single drop of this luxurious whisky, they pack quite a punch. Casting our pixels back in time, we discover that the Coronation day - May 26th, 2017 was the day Crown Royal enthusiasts were at their most animated online. We suspect many a royal raise of the glass took place that day.

The Crown Jewel of Whisky

National Crown Royal Day is a salutation to the Canadian whisky known for its signature smoothness and regal purple bag. Crown Royal whisky, first crafted in 1939, was intended to commemorate a royal visit by England's King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. So it's no wonder we give it a 'crowning' recognition.

More Than Just A Tipple

But National Crown Royal Day is more than just a toast to a regal beverage. It's a celebration of companionship, merriment, and the art of chilling out. Whether shared with friends at a regal banquet (or a dive bar), it's a fantastic chance to lift spirits and make merry with those around you - and sometimes breaking out the regal purple is just what you need to make the day special.

Fanfare For The Common Internet User

So while the online records may not overflow with mentions of National Crown Royal Day, the gleam in its loyalists' eyes is abundant. History, companionship, and a healthy pour of laughter - that's a truly royal day, fit for every king and queen who roam the digital highways of our world.

History behind the term 'Crown Royal'


Creation of Crown Royal

In 1939, Crown Royal was first created as a special blend for a royal visit to Canada. The first batch of this iconic whisky was produced by Samuel Bronfman, the founder of Seagram's, in honor of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth's royal tour of Canada. The unique blend was intended to capture the essence of Canadian whisky and embody the sophistication and elegance befitting of royalty.


Crowning the Whisky

In 1963, Crown Royal was officially crowned as the brand's name. The distinctive crown-shaped bottle and luxurious purple velvet bag were introduced, enhancing the visual appeal of the whisky. The bag, adorned with gold embroidery, became a hallmark of Crown Royal, symbolizing prestige and craftsmanship. This packaging innovation further cemented the brand's association with royalty and upscale elegance.


Expanding Global Presence

By 1984, Crown Royal had gained popularity not only in Canada but also internationally. The brand expanded its distribution and established a strong presence in the United States, becoming the top-selling Canadian whisky in the American market. The smoothness, complexity, and balanced flavor profile of Crown Royal attracted a diverse range of whisky enthusiasts, contributing to its growing global reputation.


Royal Warrant of Appointment

In 1992, Crown Royal received the prestigious Royal Warrant of Appointment from Queen Elizabeth II herself. This warrant granted the brand the right to use the word 'Royal' in its name, further solidifying its regal association. The Royal Warrant is a highly esteemed symbol of quality and endorsement by the British Royal Family, elevating Crown Royal's status in the whisky world.


Limited Edition and Collector's Releases

In 2006, Crown Royal began releasing limited edition and collector's whiskies. These special releases featured unique blends and packaging, often paying homage to the brand's rich history and Canadian heritage. The limited editions, such as Crown Royal XR and Crown Royal Monarch, garnered significant attention from whisky aficionados and collectors, further solidifying the brand's reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Did you know?

Did you know that the royal purple bag that Crown Royal comes in is hand-sewn? Talk about making every sip count!


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26th May 2017

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