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Do you often find yourself craving a delicious, flaky pastry from a French café? Does the thought of a warm, buttery croissant bring a smile to your face? If so, we have got a day to celebrate just that – National Croissant Day! Follow along as we unpack the history and fun facts about this scrumptious National Day.

When is Croissant Day?

It's national croissant day on the 30th January.

A Brief History of National Croissant Day

While the origins of National Croissant Day are well-loved, they are somewhat buttery, or rather 'mystery', much like the layers of this delightful pastry. Much to our surprise, the most mentions of National Croissant Day were recorded online on January 30, 2018 with an impressive 8726 cyber-celebrants. The internet nearly crumbled under the weight of the jubilant cyber-toastings!

Why we appreciate Croissants

Croissants are universally adored, assuming you’re not on a low carb diet. There’s something about biting into that warm and crispy exterior with a buttery soft inside that’s simply drool-worthy. They can be dressed up with just about anything – jam, cheese, chocolate, or just simply enjoyed in their pure form.

How to Celebrate National Croissant Day

There are a plethora of ways to enjoy this day. Treat yourself to a croissant for breakfast, or take it up a notch and bake your own croissants at home. Share the joy with your co-workers or friends, or just indulge in the flaky goodness by yourself. Not only will your tummy thank you, but your soul too will get a shot of sheer joy with each buttery bite!

History behind the term 'Croissant'


Viennese Triumph

The croissant as we know it today traces its origins back to the Battle of Vienna in 1683. After successfully defending the city against an Ottoman invasion, the Viennese bakers celebrated their victory by creating a special pastry in the shape of the Ottoman crescent moon, the symbol of their defeated enemy.


Marie Antoinette's Influence

The croissant gained prominence in France during the reign of Marie Antoinette. The Austrian princess, who became the queen consort of France, introduced her love for Viennese pastries, including the croissant, to French nobility. The pastries quickly became a symbol of indulgence and luxury.


Modern Croissant Shaping Technique

In 1839, an Austrian baker named August Zang opened a bakery in Paris, and his introduction of the Viennese croissant revolutionized the French baking scene. Zang introduced a technique known as laminating, which involves layering butter between sheets of dough, leading to the creation of the flaky and buttery croissant we adore today.


The Croissant's Recognition

The croissant gained further recognition when it was featured in the famous Larousse Gastronomique, an encyclopedia of gastronomy, in 1905. This acknowledgment solidified the croissant's place in French culinary history and established its reputation as a beloved pastry all around the world.

20th Century

Global Popularity Soars

Throughout the 20th century, the croissant's popularity spread beyond France's borders. From European cafés to American breakfast tables, the croissant became a symbol of sophistication and indulgence. Its flaky layers and delicate buttery flavor captured the hearts and taste buds of people from different cultures.

21st Century

Creative Croissant Creations

In the 21st century, the croissant continues to evolve with innovative flavors and fillings. Bakers all over the world experiment with croissant variations like chocolate-filled, almond, and even savory options. The croissant has cemented its status as an iconic pastry, loved and enjoyed by people everywhere.

Did you know?

Did you know that the croissant isn’t actually French? It originates from Austria, and it was made to celebrate their victory over the Turks in 1683. The shape of the pastry is supposed to represent the crescent moon from the Turkish flag!


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