National Cranberry Day

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Welcome to National Cranberry Day, a day to celebrate and savor the tart goodness of those little round berries! Grab your favorite cranberry recipe and get ready for a day filled with cran-tastic fun!

When is Cranberry Day?

It's national cranberry day on the 21st November.

The Internet History of National Cranberry Day

Did you know that National Cranberry Day was born out of a deep admiration for this vibrant red fruit? The internet is filled with discussions and mentions of this delicious berry, with a peak of excitement on November 21, 2015. People were buzzing about cranberries, sharing recipes, and swapping cranberry-related stories.

But how did it all start? The origins of National Cranberry Day can be traced back to the early years of the internet. Back then, cranberry enthusiasts and food lovers alike took to online forums and discussion boards to share their love for this tangy treat. The idea of dedicating a day to celebrate cranberries gained momentum, and National Cranberry Day became an official holiday on internet calendars everywhere.

Year after year, National Cranberry Day has only grown in popularity. From cranberry sauce to cranberry muffins, people have embraced this versatile fruit and made it a staple in their kitchens. So, whether you enjoy cranberries in a classic Thanksgiving dish or spice up your morning with a refreshing cranberry smoothie, this day is all about celebrating the deliciousness of cranberries!

History behind the term 'Cranberry'


Native American Use

The term 'cranberry' originates from the Native American word 'craneberry' or 'sassamanash', which referred to the fruit's vibrant red color. Indigenous peoples in North America have long used cranberries as a food source and for medicinal purposes, including treating bladder and kidney diseases.


The Cranberry Industry Begins

In 1816, Captain Henry Hall became the first to cultivate cranberries in Dennis, Massachusetts. He discovered that cranberries thrived in sandy bogs and developed a method to harvest them by flooding the fields and using a cranberry scoop to gather the floating berries. This marked the birth of the commercial cranberry industry.


Cranberry Sauce and Thanksgiving

Cranberry sauce became an important part of the traditional Thanksgiving meal in the United States around 1822. Its sweet and tart flavor complemented the richness of roast turkey. The popularity of cranberries during Thanksgiving solidified their status as a beloved holiday fruit.


Cranberry Juice and Health Benefits

In 1912, cranberry juice gained recognition for its potential health benefits. Researchers discovered that cranberries contained properties that prevented bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract walls, offering a natural remedy for urinary tract infections. This finding contributed to the widespread consumption of cranberry juice as a health tonic.


Cranberry Becomes Massachusetts' Official Fruit

Recognizing the significant role cranberries played in the state's economy and history, Massachusetts designated cranberry as its official fruit in 1959. The cranberry industry remains a vital part of the state's agricultural sector and contributes to its cultural heritage.


Cranberries as Superfood

In the 1990s, cranberries gained a reputation as a superfood due to their high concentration of antioxidants and beneficial compounds. Consuming cranberries and cranberry products, such as dried cranberries and cranberry supplements, became popular for their potential health-promoting effects, including protecting against certain diseases.

Did you know?

Did you know that cranberries are one of the few fruits native to North America? Native Americans used cranberries for their medicinal properties and as a natural dye for fabrics. Talk about multitasking!


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