National Cranberry Relish Day

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Happy National Cranberry Relish Day! Prepare your taste buds for a burst of tangy and sweet flavors as we celebrate this delightful day dedicated to the beloved cranberry relish. Get ready to learn all about the origin, internet history, and fun facts of this scrumptious holiday!

When is Cranberry Relish Day?

It's national cranberry relish day on the 22nd November.

The Origins of National Cranberry Relish Day

National Cranberry Relish Day is all about celebrating this classic dish that has graced Thanksgiving tables for decades. Cranberry relish is a sweet and tangy condiment made with cranberries, sugar, and various other ingredients like oranges or apples to add a zesty twist. It perfectly complements the savory turkey on Thanksgiving and adds a burst of flavor to any meal.

Although the exact origins of National Cranberry Relish Day remain a mystery, it's safe to say that cranberry relish has been synonymous with Thanksgiving feasts for generations. However, the internet history of this day reveals that it gained popularity in recent years, with social media buzzing about delicious homemade recipes and creative twists on traditional cranberry relish.

The Internet Buzz on National Cranberry Relish Day

The internet has embraced National Cranberry Relish Day wholeheartedly. With over 600 mentions online, it's clear that people can't resist the vibrant red hues and irresistible flavors of this tangy treat. The peak day of online mentions was on November 22, 2016 when cranberry relish enthusiasts shared their favorite recipes, tips, and mouth-watering photos.

Did You Know?

Did you know that cranberries are one of only three native fruits to North America? Native Americans used cranberries for medicinal purposes, as a fabric dye, and as a food source. Talk about a versatile little fruit!

History behind the term 'Cranberry Relish'


Creation of First Cranberry Relish Recipe

In 1816, Maria Parloa, an American cookery expert, created the first known recipe for cranberry relish. The relish was made by boiling cranberries with sugar until they softened and then serving it as a condiment or side dish. Parloa's recipe quickly gained popularity among American households due to its tangy and sweet flavor that complemented savory dishes like roast turkey or pork.


Commercial Production and Packaging

In 1912, commercial production of cranberry relish began, with companies recognizing its growing demand. Ocean Spray, a well-known cranberry producer, introduced cranberry relish as a canned product. Canned cranberry relish made it easier for people to enjoy the tangy and slightly tart flavor of cranberries year-round. This marked a significant milestone for cranberry relish, broadening its accessibility and popularity.


Cranberry Relish as a Thanksgiving Tradition

During World War II in 1941, cranberry relish became closely associated with Thanksgiving traditions. The tangy sweetness of cranberry relish made it a perfect accompaniment for roast turkey, and its vibrant red color added a festive touch to the Thanksgiving table. As Thanksgiving grew into a widely celebrated holiday in the United States, cranberry relish became a staple on dinner menus nationwide.


Cranberry Sauce vs. Cranberry Relish

In 1963, Ocean Spray introduced canned jellied cranberry sauce, creating a distinction between cranberry sauce and cranberry relish. Cranberry sauce is made by cooking cranberries until they break down and thicken into a sauce-like consistency, while cranberry relish retains the texture of whole or partially crushed cranberries. This differentiation expanded the versatility of cranberry products, giving people options for their preferred cranberry condiment.

Present Day

Modern Variations and Homemade Recipes

Today, cranberry relish continues to be a beloved condiment and side dish. While commercial varieties are readily available, many people enjoy experimenting with homemade recipes, incorporating additional ingredients like orange zest, nuts, or spices to enhance the flavor profile. Cranberry relish's versatility extends beyond Thanksgiving, with people including it in cheese platters, sandwiches, and as a tangy topping for various desserts. Its rich history and vibrant taste make cranberry relish a true culinary delight.

Did you know?

Did you know that cranberries are one of only three native fruits to North America? Native Americans used cranberries for medicinal purposes, as a fabric dye, and as a food source. Talk about a versatile little fruit!


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