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If there's one thing the internet enjoys more than cat memes and viral dances, it’s celebrating lovers in all their radiant glory! You guessed it - it's time to talk about National Couples Day, a day of celebrating those heart-touched pairs, who make us all a tiny bit envious (in a good way, we swear!). Do we feel a collective 'aww' coming on? Grab your bae, sweetheart, significant other or even your best mate because anyone can celebrate this heartrending day.

When is Couples Day?

It's national couples day on the 18th August.

History of National Couples Day

Like many holidays that now ride the wave of our digital culture, National Couples Day, gaining traction online, began as a humble whisper that soon grew into a chorus of celebratory exchanges on various social platforms. Though its origin story may be somewhat elusive, the online activity around it is as clear as a bright blue sky in July. Over time, mentions of this day started rising like a perfectly baked love-infused pie in the oven of the World Wide Web. With 633 public appeals to honour this day, the internet crowned August 18th, 2020, as the date when digital applause for duos reached a crescendo.

How to Celebrate National Couples Day

The beauty of National Couples Day is that there's no wrong way to celebrate it! Sending a sweet text, planning a surprise date, cooking dinner together, or just spending quality time—every activity resonates with the spirit of this day. For all the Romeo and Juliet buddies out there, this day serves as a gentle reminder to show appreciation for the love-light in your lives. Do some sports, remember what brought you together and most importantly, have fun!

Why National Couples Day Matters?

While it may seem like another date on the calendar, National Couples Day holds significant importance. It's a day of awareness, reminding individuals to appreciate their partners and celebrate their togetherness. It's the conceptual equivalent of a romantic pause button, allowing couples to stop, appreciate, and cherish the bond they share.

History behind the term 'Couples'

14th century

The Birth of the Term

The term 'couples' originated in the 14th century and was derived from the Latin word 'copula,' meaning 'a bond' or 'connection.' This term was primarily used to describe the connection between two people who are united in marriage or a romantic relationship.

18th century

Embraced by French Culture

During the 18th century, France played a significant role in popularizing the term 'couples.' The French embraced the idea of couples and the concept of romance, which greatly influenced the cultural perception of relationships across Europe and beyond.

19th century

Symbol of Aristocratic Partnership

In the 19th century, 'couples' became a symbol of aristocratic partnership. It represented the idealized version of a romantic and committed relationship, often associated with the upper classes. The notion of couples as the epitome of love and union gradually spread throughout society.

20th century

Rise of Contemporary Relationships

The 20th century marked a shift in the understanding of couples. As societal norms evolved, relationships began to be defined by more egalitarian principles. Couples came to represent diverse partnerships based on mutual respect, love, and shared responsibilities, rather than being limited to the traditional roles of the past.

21st century

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity

In the 21st century, the term 'couples' continues to expand its meaning, reflecting the progress made in acknowledging and celebrating diverse relationships. It now encompasses same-sex couples, multicultural couples, and couples of different backgrounds, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and the evolving nature of love and partnership.

Did you know?

Did you know that based on internet activity, the most favourite date plan for National Couples Day appears to be a pizza and movie night at home!


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