National Corn Of The Cob Day

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Welcome to National Corn on the Cob Day, a day dedicated to celebrating everyone's favorite vegetable holder and butter boat! Get ready to sink your teeth into some juicy kernels and experience the glory of this delicious summer treat.

When is Corn Of The Cob Day?

It's national corn of the cob day on the 11th June.

The Internet History of National Corn on the Cob Day

Did you know that National Corn on the Cob Day has been celebrated online since as early as 2015? Back when the internet was just a baby and social media was still figuring out its algorithms, corn lovers everywhere flocked to their keyboards to proclaim their love for this amazing food.

On this corn-themed day, corn enthusiasts took to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share mouthwatering photos of their corn on the cob creations. Hashtags like #CornLove and #ButterPlease trended all day long, bringing people together from every corner of the digital world.

Since then, National Corn on the Cob Day has become an annual internet tradition. People share recipes, corn shucking hacks, and even corn-themed memes to express their undying love for this summer staple. It's a day where corn lovers can unite and bask in the golden glow of deliciousness.

History behind the term 'Corn Of The Cob'


The Introduction of Corn on the Cob

In 1912, corn on the cob made its first appearance in American cookbooks. The term 'corn on the cob' referred to the way corn was traditionally prepared and served. Fresh ears of corn, straight from the stalk, were boiled or grilled and served with butter and salt. This method of cooking and serving corn quickly became popular due to its simplicity and delicious taste.


Growing Popularity and Informal Term

During the 1930s, corn on the cob continued to grow in popularity. It became a staple at summer barbecues, picnics, and other outdoor gatherings. The term 'corn on the cob' became widely used and replaced other informal terms that were previously used to describe this tasty treat.


The Arrival of 'Corn of the Cob'

In the 1940s, a slight variation of the term 'corn on the cob' started to emerge – 'corn of the cob.' While the origin of this specific phrase is unclear, it likely arose as a colloquial variation that caught on among certain groups. The term 'corn of the cob' began to appear in informal conversations, and it eventually found its way into some written materials.


Popularization and Common Usage

By the 1960s, 'corn of the cob' had become a widely recognized and accepted term for corn on the cob. It was often used in casual conversations, cookbooks, and recipe publications. The catchy nature of the phrase made it memorable and easy to use, reinforcing its place in popular culture.


Continued Usage and Cultural Impact

In the present day, 'corn of the cob' remains a commonly used term for this classic summer food. It has become ingrained in the cultural lexicon, associated with warm weather, outdoor gatherings, and delicious flavors. The term continues to be used in recipes, menus, and everyday conversations, serving as a reminder of the enduring popularity and enjoyment of corn on the cob.

Did you know?

Did you know that the average ear of corn has about 800 kernels? That's a whole lot of potential for deliciousness!


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