National Corduroy Appreciation Day

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Hey there, corduroy enthusiasts! Get ready to slide into a world of ribbed fabric appreciation because today we celebrate National Corduroy Appreciation Day! Get ready to join the corduroy club, feel the wales, and embrace the softness of this timeless textile.

When is Corduroy Appreciation Day?

It's national corduroy appreciation day on the 11th November.

The Origins of National Corduroy Appreciation Day

While the history of corduroy itself dates back centuries, the celebration of National Corduroy Appreciation Day emerged in the realm of the internet. Corduroy lovers around the world decided to unite and dedicate a day to honor the unique characteristics and versatility of this beloved fabric.

The internet buzzed with joy as people shared their favorite corduroy anecdotes, fashionable finds, and even quirky ways they incorporated corduroy into their lives. From pants to jackets, to hats and bags, corduroy is a part of our everyday fashion choices without us even realizing it. It's like a secret handshake among those in the know.

Side note: Did you know that corduroy is sometimes humorously referred to as the 'poor man's velvet'? Although, in our opinion, corduroy is a material that transcends labels and works its magic on anyone who wears it!

How to Celebrate National Corduroy Appreciation Day

There are endless ways to pay homage to corduroy on this special day. Let's dive into some fabulous ideas:

  • Rock your favorite pair of corduroy pants or a stylish corduroy jacket.
  • Host a corduroy fashion show with your loved ones and strut your stuff!
  • Get crafty and make unique corduroy accessories like headbands, bowties, or even phone cases.
  • Organize a corduroy-themed potluck where all the dishes are inspired by the texture and colors of corduroy. How about butternut squash soup and crinkled potato fries?
  • Challenge your friends to a corduroy trivia night and see who really knows their wales from their weft.

Spread the Corduroy Love

Celebrating National Corduroy Appreciation Day isn't just limited to your personal style; it's also a great opportunity to create awareness and give back to the community. Consider organizing a charity event where corduroy enthusiasts gather to donate gently used corduroy items to those in need. Let's make sure everyone gets to experience the joy of wearing this incredible fabric!

History behind the term 'Corduroy Appreciation'


The invention of corduroy

During the late 1700s, the fabric known as corduroy was invented. It was initially used for workwear due to its durability and soft texture. Corduroy is distinguishable by its parallel ridges or 'wales,' which are created by the weaving process. This fabric quickly gained popularity in various industries, including agriculture, mining, and engineering.


Rise of corduroy fashion

In the 1800s, corduroy began to make its way into mainstream fashion. Its practicality and visual appeal led to its usage in a variety of garments such as trousers, jackets, and hats. The fabric became a symbol of ruggedness and outdoor lifestyles, commonly associated with hunting and outdoor activities.


Cultural significance of corduroy

During the 1960s, the counterculture movement adopted corduroy as a symbolic fabric. It became particularly popular among the hippie subculture, representing nonconformity and a desire to connect with nature. Corduroy garments, such as flared trousers or 'bell-bottoms,' were widely worn by young people as a statement of rebellion and individuality.


Resurgence of corduroy in fashion

In the 1990s, corduroy experienced a revival in fashion trends. Designers embraced its vintage appeal and incorporated it into their collections. Corduroy jackets, skirts, and pants became popular again, catering to a nostalgic desire for retro fashion. This resurgence showcased the enduring charm and versatility of corduroy as a fabric.


Corduroy Appreciation Day

To celebrate the rich history and cultural impact of corduroy, Corduroy Appreciation Day was officially established in 2008. This day encourages people to express their love for corduroy clothing and accessories. It serves as a reminder of the fabric's influence on fashion and its ability to evoke nostalgia while staying relevant in contemporary style.

Did you know?

Did you know that corduroy gets its name from the French "corde du roi," which translates to "the cord of the king"? It was originally a fabric worn by European aristocracy!


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