National Condom Day

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Love and safety often share the same calendar day, don't believe us? Well, strap in safe sailors, as we explore National Condom Day! Yes, that's right, every 14th February, amongst the hearts and roses, we take a moment to pause and consider the role of the humble condom in our lives. Appreciated yet uncelebrated, today is their day to... erm, shine?

When is Condom Day?

It's national condom day on the 14th February.

The Unwrapping of History

National Condom Day, observed annually, has surprisingly bobbed its way into internet history. Emerging as a day of heightened awareness for safe sexual practices, it coincides with Valentine's Day – a happy (or unhappy?!) twist of fate.

Spreading the Love... Safely

Our digital files, crammed with 2991 mentions online, reveal how this not-so-romantic but utterly practical day has woven itself into the fabric of our love-filled celebrations. Its popularity peaked on 14 Feb 2017, potentially highlighting a swell of online activity to promote safe celebration of love.

Celebrate With... Caution?

It may not have the glamour of Champagne or the sweet aroma of a bouquet of roses, but the humble condom plays an important role in our lives. On Valentine's Day, while we're busy expressing our deep feelings to our loved ones, let’s acknowledge the essential part great latex design plays in today's world – check those expiration dates, friends!

National Condom Day – a Reminder

Celebrating National Condom Day doesn't necessarily mean going out and buying a bouquet of condoms (though, if that floats your metaphorical boat, why not?!). It's also a day to have those conversations about safe sex, to educate oneself and strengthen the knowledge that helps us take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

A Day of Love and Protection

So, here's to National Condom Day, a day of love, awareness, and protection. A day to remember that being considerate towards our partner's health and our own, is the most romantic gesture we can offer. Happy National Condom Day to all!

Did you know?

Did you know that National Condom Day shares its date with Valentine’s Day to help remind us that 'Lovers Gotta Be Safe'?


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