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Alright, comic enthusiasts, this one's specially designed for you! Time to strip the dust cover off your beloved comic collection and celebrate National Comic Book Day, a day sprinkled with a generous dash of fun and a hearty serving of nostalgia!

When is Comic Book Day?

It's national comic book day on the 25th September.

A Slice of Comic History

Hold onto your hats, because we're zipping back in time to an era where caped crusaders and superhumans first made their grand appearances. That’s right, we’re talking about comic books. National Comic Book Day, which takes place annually on September 25th, is a day devoted to celebrating the delightful art form that merges storytelling and artwork together in an enthralling and enchanting blend.

What's the Buzz?

Compared to National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (yes, that's a real day), you might wonder: 'Comic Book Day? Really?' Well, our data suggests an affirming ‘Yes!’ In fact, we detected a whopping 10,283 online mentions of National Comic Book Day. The internet was abuzz with super-powered fervor on September 25th, 2017, generating the peak number of mentions.

Why Celebrate?

Why not? From Superman to Batman, Captain America to Iron Man, comic books have been transporting us to fantastical universes and embedding moral lessons cleverly adorned with gripping narratives. They aren’t just pulpy entertainment, but a vibrant part of our popular culture.

How to Celebrate?

How about curling up with your favourite comic, re-living those exhilarating adventures and colourful illustrations, or even hosting a comic-themed costume party? Dust off those bat-wings and iron suits, folks!

History behind the term 'Comic Book'


The Birth of Comic Strip

In the year 1842, 'The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck' became the first known comic strip. Created by Swiss artist Rudolphe Töpffer, this collection of drawings told a story through a series of sequential images with accompanying text. It marked the beginning of visual storytelling in a format that would later evolve into the comic book.


The Comic Book Prototype

The term 'comic book' itself emerged in 1896 when a humor magazine called 'The Yellow Kid' started publishing stories in a tabloid format. Although not a traditional comic book, it featured both text and illustrated panels, setting the stage for the future development of the medium.


Pulp Magazines and the Birth of Modern Comics

In 1933, the first comic book in the modern sense was published with the release of 'Famous Funnies' by Eastern Color Printing. This anthology series collected reprints of newspaper comic strips, introducing characters like Popeye and Joe Palooka to a wider audience. These early comic books quickly gained popularity and paved the way for an entire industry.


Superman: The Birth of the Superhero Genre

The year 1938 marked a significant milestone in comic book history with the introduction of Superman in 'Action Comics' #1. Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, Superman became the world's first superhero, captivating readers with his superhuman abilities and inspiring the birth of an entire genre.


The Golden Age of Comics

The 1940s saw a surge in the popularity of comic books, often referred to as the Golden Age. It was a time when iconic characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, and the Flash were introduced, enchanting readers with their thrilling adventures. The industry flourished, and comic books became an integral part of popular culture.


The Comics Code Authority

In response to growing concerns about the content in comic books, the Comics Code Authority (CCA) was established in 1954. The CCA enforced strict guidelines to ensure that comic books were free from excessive violence, gore, and explicit content. This marked a significant shift in the industry's self-regulation and influenced the types of stories that could be told in comic book form.


The Silver Age of Comics and Marvel's Rise

The 1960s ushered in the Silver Age of Comics, characterized by a revitalization of superhero stories. Marvel Comics, under the leadership of Stan Lee, introduced a new wave of relatable and flawed superheroes like Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. This era marked a departure from the traditional superhero archetype and laid the foundation for Marvel's immense success in the decades to come.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first comic book, 'Famous Funnies', was actually a newspaper comic strip compilation and was published in the USA in 1933? Quite a career progression there!


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