National College Colors Day

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Ever wondered why there's an explosion of school colors every end of August, with everyone from your local barista to your favorite social media influencer donning their college hues? Well, it's not just some coordinated fashion statement, but rather a celebratory phenomenon known as National College Colors Day. Tug out those old college hoodies, friends, and prepare to paint the town with your alma mater's colors!

When is College Colors Day?

It's national college colors day on the 30th August.

The History of National College Colors Day

If you've been living under a rock and are startled about this ongoings, worry not, we're here for the rescue. National College Colors Day is a yearly event celebrated by thousands of students, alumni, parents, and fans across America. Its inception can be traced back to 2005, the result of an ingenious marketing initiative of the Collegiate Licensing Company. The grand idea? Encouraging school spirit and collegial pride in a fun, vibrant way, with a splash of color!

National College Colors Day Online

Based on web scraping wizardry, a notable spike in the chatter about College Colors Day was observed on August 30th, 2019, with 3540 mentions. It's a social media gala, with fans posting photos in their college colors, stirring nostalgia, and fostering connections. Hashtags like #CollegeColorsDay take the internet by storm to advocate traditions and values that the participating college stands for.

Celebrating National College Colors Day

It's simple and fun: just sport your college's hues! It could be a shirt, a scarf, a hat - anything goes. The primary aim is echoing the sense of belonging, making a statement about your identity, and offering a tip of the hat to the place that molded you. For universities and colleges, it's a day of immense pride as they see their colors reflected across cities and timelines.

Spin-off Benefits

Besides fostering camaraderie, College Colors Day also plays an interesting role in boosting college merchandise sales (go capitalisms!). Imagine the number of college-branded hoodies and caps that fly off the shelves in preparation for the day. Safe to say, our beloved institutions make a healthy financial gain from the splash of college colors across the nation.

Did you know?

Did you know? The first National College Colors Day in 2005 saw participation from only 10 colleges. The event expanded rapidly, and now enjoys participation from a staggering number of institutions across the nation.


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