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Whether you like it with cream, sugar, black, or even pumpkin-spiced (guilty), you're going to love September 29th because it's National Coffee Day, the day the whole world turns into one giant coffeehouse.

When is Coffee Day?

It's national coffee day on the 29th September.

All hail the humble coffee bean!

Virtual high-five to the 342080 people who brewed up a social media storm on September 29, 2015, making it the biggest buzz National Coffee Day has ever seen! (pun definitely intended).

A Taste of Coffee History

But before we get too caffeinated, let's take a sip (or two) of coffee history. Legend says that an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi noticed how unusually lively his goats were after nibbling on some berries (later known as coffee beans). Kaldi's berry discovery paved the way for our beloved cup of joe, leading us to the cozy comforts of the modern day cafe culture we know and crave.

Celebrating the Coffee Culture

National Coffee Day is the one day every year where we not only drink coffee because we are practically zombies without it, but we drink it to celebrate the bean that fuels our workdays, weekend brunches, and lets not forget, our most profound thoughts!

Make It Count

Now, knowing that National Coffee Day exists, mark your calendars for September 29th. Celebrate the magical bean by exploring new blends, joining coffee tasting events or having a quiet moment mulling over a fresh cup in your hands. The possibilities are as endless as the types of beans in the world.

History behind the term 'Coffee'

9th Century

Discovering the Bean

The history of coffee dates back to the 9th century, with its origins in Ethiopia. According to legend, a goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats became more energetic after eating berries from a certain tree. Intrigued, he sampled the berries himself, experiencing heightened alertness. Kaldi shared his discovery with local monks, who began using the berries to create a stimulating beverage.

15th Century

Spreading Across the Arabian Peninsula

Coffee's popularity spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula in the 15th century. Coffee beans were roasted, ground, and brewed into a beverage known as qahwa. Coffee houses called qahveh khaneh emerged, becoming social and intellectual hubs where people gathered to discuss politics, music, and literature. This early coffee culture fostered a sense of community and intellectual curiosity.

17th Century

Arrival in Europe

Coffee made its way to Europe in the 17th century, arriving in Venice, Italy. Initially met with suspicion and controversy, coffee soon gained favor with the introduction of the first coffeehouses in England. These establishments quickly became popular meeting places for merchants, artists, and intellectuals. Coffee's stimulating effects also contributed to the Age of Enlightenment, as the drink was believed to enhance concentration and stimulate thought.

18th Century

Global Expansion

During the 18th century, the global expansion of coffee continued. Coffee plantations were established in various regions, including the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. The cultivation of coffee became a profitable industry, driving trade and colonization. The beverage's popularity also grew due to its association with social gatherings and the establishment of coffee rituals, such as afternoon tea and coffee breaks.

20th Century

Modernization and Specialty Coffee

In the 20th century, coffee underwent further transformations. Modern coffee brewing methods, such as the invention of the espresso machine, revolutionized the way coffee was prepared and enjoyed. The rise of specialty coffee became a significant trend, emphasizing the unique flavors and origins of particular coffee beans. The concept of fair trade also emerged, promoting ethical sourcing and supporting coffee farmers in developing countries.

21st Century

Coffee Culture and Innovation

Today, coffee has become a global phenomenon and a vital part of many people's daily routines. Coffee culture continues to evolve, with specialty coffee shops, brewing competitions, and artisanal roasters gaining popularity. Innovations in coffee technology, such as single-serve machines and cold brew methods, provide new ways to enjoy coffee. Additionally, sustainability and environmental awareness have become increasingly important in the coffee industry, with efforts to reduce waste and promote responsible farming practices.

Did you know?

Did you know that it takes about 37 gallons of water to grow the coffee beans and process them to make one cup of coffee? Talk about a precious brew!


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