National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

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Get ready to have your taste buds tickled because it's National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day! This delightful day celebrates the marriage of two of our favorite sweet treats - chocolate and raisins. So grab a handful of these delicious nuggets of joy and let's dive into the amazing history of this mouthwatering combination.

When is Chocolate Covered Raisin Day?

It's national chocolate covered raisin day on the 24th March.

The Origin of National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

Now, you might be wondering how and when this glorious day came to be. Well, we couldn't find any documented evidence of the exact origins, but we do know that chocolate covered raisins have been around for quite some time. The combination of chocolate and raisins dates back to at least the early 20th century.

Legend has it that a candy manufacturer accidentally dropped some raisins into a vat of melted chocolate. Instead of discarding the mishap, they decided to give it a try anyway. And lo and behold, the chocolate-covered raisins turned out to be a delicious revelation! And thus, a new sweet sensation was born.

Over the years, chocolate covered raisins gained popularity and became a beloved snack enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you savor them as a movie theater treat or sneak them into your trail mix for a boost of sweetness, these bite-sized wonders have become a staple in the world of confectionery.

A Worldwide Delight

Chocolate covered raisins are not only loved in the United States, but they also have a fanbase around the globe. In the United Kingdom, they are known as 'chocolate raisins,' and they are a popular confectionery item in candy stores and supermarkets. In Australia, they go by the name 'Chocolate Sultanas,' as sultanas are a type of raisin commonly used Down Under.

So why are chocolate covered raisins so universally adored? Maybe it's the perfect combination of chocolate's smooth and creamy texture with the slight chewiness and natural sweetness of raisins. Or it could be the fact that they offer a healthier alternative to other indulgent treats. After all, raisins are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, while chocolate... well, chocolate just makes everything better!

Did You Know?

Did you know that chocolate covered raisins are not the only chocolate-covered fruit out there? Oh no, there's a whole world of chocolate-covered goodies waiting to be discovered! From chocolate-covered strawberries to chocolate-covered oranges, you can explore a plethora of tantalizing combinations. So if you're feeling adventurous, why not expand your palate and try some of these other delectable treats?

History behind the term 'Chocolate Covered Raisin'


The Invention of Raisinets

In 1927, the Blumenthal brothers, immigrants from Greece, introduced a new confectionery called Raisinets. These bite-sized treats consisted of raisins coated in a smooth chocolate shell. The Blumenthals' creation quickly became popular, offering a delightful combination of rich chocolate and chewy raisins.


Raisinets Gain Widespread Recognition

During the 1960s, Raisinets gained widespread recognition and became a staple movie theater snack. People loved enjoying the sweet raisins surrounded by a delicious chocolate coating while watching their favorite films. The popularity of Raisinets helped solidify the concept of pairing chocolate with dried fruits.


Chocolate-Covered Raisins as a Generically Recognized Term

By the 1980s, the term 'chocolate-covered raisins' had become widely recognized as a generic term for any confectionery that featured raisins coated in chocolate. While Raisinets were the original and popular brand, numerous other companies began offering their own versions of chocolate-covered raisins, making the term commonly used by consumers.

Did you know?

Did you know that chocolate covered raisins are not the only chocolate-covered fruit out there? From strawberries to oranges, there's a whole world of chocolaty goodness to explore!


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