National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

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Gather round, chocolate lovers! We've got the ultimate sweet treat celebration for you. Yes, it's National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, a date where we throw caution (and perhaps our waistlines) to the wind and drench anything and everything we can in glorious chocolate.

When is Chocolate Covered Anything Day?

It's national chocolate covered anything day on the 16th December.

Scrumptious History of National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day seemingly surfaced out of a delicious pool of molten chocolate. The origins and creator of this day might be shrouded in mystery, but boy, we're glad this day ended up on our calendars.

Thanks to the power of the internet, this day has become an annual favorite for chocolate enthusiasts around the globe. Our data report shows a whopping 2883 mentions of National Chocolate Covered Anything Day online, with the most mentions recorded on December 16, 2015.

Chocolaty Celebrations

So, how exactly do we celebrate National Chocolate Covered Anything Day? As you might guess, it involves covering anything and everything in chocolate. From strawberries and almonds to chips and bacon, there are no rules for this tasty day. All you need is an imagination, access to a variety of snacks and, of course, loads of chocolate.

Whether you are a fan of dark chocolate, white chocolate, or the sweeter milk chocolate, there's something for everyone. If you're feeling adventurous, why not try a chocolate covered onion or, for the die-hard meat lovers amongst us, a chocolate smothered steak perhaps?

Join the Chocolate Party

This day is more than just an excuse to indulge, it’s a reminder to taste the sweetness of life, one chocolate covered treat at a time. Share your gooey creations with loved ones or organize a delightful chocolatey picnic, just don’t forget to bring an extra napkin!

History behind the term 'Chocolate Covered Anything'


Columbus introduces chocolate to Europe

In 1524, Christopher Columbus returned from his fourth and final voyage to the New World, bringing with him a precious cargo that would forever change the culinary world: cacao beans. Although the beans were initially undervalued, it didn't take long for Europe to develop a taste for this exotic new ingredient.


Introduction of chocolate as a drink

In 1674, the first chocolate house opened in London, England. Chocolate was consumed as a hot drink, often mixed with spices and sweeteners. Its popularity quickly spread throughout Europe, with special recipes and preparations becoming a status symbol among the aristocracy.


Invention of solid chocolate

In 1847, the Fry family of England revolutionized the chocolate world by creating the first solid chocolate bar. By combining cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and sugar, they produced a product that was easier to handle and transport. This innovation paved the way for the mass production and commercialization of chocolate.


Nestlé introduces the first chocolate-covered bar

In 1922, Nestlé introduced the world to the first chocolate-covered bar: the 'Raisinets.' These bite-sized treats featured a raisin center covered in smooth milk chocolate. The combination of textures and flavors was an instant hit, and it set the stage for the popularization of chocolate-covered snacks.

20th century

Explosion of chocolate-covered anything

Throughout the 20th century, the concept of chocolate-covered anything gained popularity. People began experimenting with various food items, dipping them in melted chocolate to create delectable treats. From fruits like strawberries and bananas to nuts, pretzels, and even insects, the possibilities seemed endless. The combination of the rich, sweet chocolate coating with the contrasting textures and flavors of other foods proved to be a winning formula.

Did you know?

Did you know that chocolate was once used as currency by the Aztecs? Imagine buying your groceries with a bag full of chocolate!


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