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Cluck, cluck, cluck! Welcome to the history of National Chicken Day! Get comfy and pop a hen on your lap, because we've got eggs-citing details on how this day came to rule the roost of national holidays.

When is Chicken Day?

It's national chicken day on the 6th July.

A Peek Inside The Coop: Origin Of National Chicken Day

While the exact origins of National Chicken Day seem to be as elusive as hen's teeth, it is safe to release the cooped up truth - this day has gained clucking outrageous popularity over the years. Online, we've detected 805 clucks - I mean, mentions, with the biggest herds gathering on 06 July 2015.

Chicks-Ahoy! The Rise Of Chicken Day

Like a chicken spotting a worm, the internet cooped onto the potential of this day with gusto. The number of mentions have been steadily pecking away, indicating an increasing interest in our feathered friends and their place on our dinner plates.

All Cooped Up: How People Celebrate

Is it all about having a cracking Chicken Alfredo dinner or simply appreciating these feathery creatures for their egg-cellent contribution to our breakfast? Food blogs overflow, roast chicken recipe videos suddenly go viral, and a flurry of chicken puns take flight across social media.

Hatching Plans For Next Year's National Chicken Day

Now that you know about this day, perhaps you'd cluck at the chance to create an egg-sciting Chicken Day party next year featuring a variety of chicken-themed games and delicacies.

History behind the term 'Chicken'

3000 BCE

Early Domestication

Chickens were first domesticated by the ancient Egyptians around 3000 BCE. They were primarily raised for cockfighting, a popular sport in ancient times.

400 BCE

Spread to Europe

During the 5th century BCE, chickens made their way to Europe through trade routes established by the Greeks and Romans. They were not only appreciated for their meat but also for their eggs.

9th Century

Rooster as a Symbol

In the 9th century, the rooster became an important symbol in Christianity. It was associated with Saint Peter, known for denying Jesus three times, as the rooster crowed after each denial.


Chicken and Waffles

The delicious combination of fried chicken and waffles gained popularity in the United States during the 19th century. Initially a staple dish in African American communities, it eventually became a widespread comfort food.


Colonel Sanders and KFC

In 1928, Colonel Harland Sanders opened his first Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant in Kentucky, USA. The franchise expanded rapidly, revolutionizing the fast-food industry by popularizing fried chicken as a quick meal.


Chicken Dance Craze

The Chicken Dance, originally known as the 'Der Ententanz' (The Duck Dance), gained international recognition in 1996 when it became a viral dance craze. It is often performed at weddings, parties, and sporting events.

Did you know?

Did you know that chickens are descendant from T-Rex dinosaurs? That's right - your cute backyard buddy shares a family tree with T-Rex, the most fearsome monster in the Jurassic period!


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