National Cherry Day

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Ah, National Cherry Day! A day dedicated to these plump and juicy little fruits that make pies, cobblers, and ice cream toppings even more delicious. Get ready to pit yourself against some cherry trivia and discover why this day is worth celebrating!

When is Cherry Day?

It's national cherry day on the 16th July.

Cherry Picking Through Internet History

Every year on July 16th, cherry lovers around the world unite to celebrate National Cherry Day. But did you know that cherries have a colorful internet history too?

The love for cherries has been expressed online in countless ways. From recipe blogs sharing cherry-inspired treats to forums discussing the best types of cherries for snacking, the internet is abuzz with cherry chatter. In fact, our trusty cyber sleuths detected a whopping 919 mentions of National Cherry Day online!

While cherries have always been a beloved fruit, the internet has taken their popularity to a whole new level. On July 16th, 2015, cherry fever reached its peak with the most mentions ever recorded for National Cherry Day. It was a day of sheer cherry madness!

Cherry Fun Facts Galore!

If you thought cherries were just fruits, think again! Here are some fun facts to tickle your taste buds:

  • Cherries come in two main types: sweet cherries (perfect for snacking) and sour cherries (ideal for cooking).
  • The cherry blossom, a symbol of beauty and renewal, is the national flower of Japan.
  • Cherries are rich in antioxidants, making them a sweet and healthy treat.
  • It takes about 250 cherries to make a single cherry pie. That's a lot of cherries!
  • Montmorency cherries, a tart variety, are often used to make delicious cherry juice.

Cherishing the Cherry Day

So, how can you celebrate National Cherry Day? Let's delve into some cherry-loving activities:

  1. Pick Your Own Cherries: Find a local cherry orchard and enjoy the experience of picking your own cherries. It's a fun and rewarding activity!
  2. Try a New Recipe: Experiment with cherry-infused recipes like cherry pie, cherry cobbler, or even cherry salsa. Let your taste buds go on a cherrylicious adventure!
  3. Cherry Crafts: Get crafty and create cherry-themed DIY projects. Make cherry-themed jewelry, paint cherry-inspired artwork, or decorate your home with cherry motifs.
  4. Share the Love: Spread the joy of cherries by gifting cherry goodies to your loved ones. Trust us, cherries have a way of making everyone smile!

Whether you prefer to savor cherries straight from the tree or indulge in cherry-filled delights, National Cherry Day is the perfect occasion to pay tribute to these delightful fruits. So grab a handful of cherries, hop online to share your cherry love, and let the world know: today is a day to celebrate all things cherry!

History behind the term 'Cherry'

300 BCE

Ancient Origins

The history of the term 'cherry' can be traced back to ancient times. Although their exact origins are not known, it is believed that cherries were first cultivated in Mesopotamia, around 300 BCE. Ancient writings and artifacts indicate that cherries were highly cherished for their beauty and taste.

1st Century CE

Roman Appreciation

During the Roman era, cherries gained significant popularity. Roman soldiers discovered cherries while conquering new lands, and they introduced this fruit to their homeland. Romans even cultivated different varieties of cherries, and the fruit became a part of their cuisine and culture.

15th Century

Spread across Europe

In the 15th century, the term 'cherry' began to spread across Europe. Cherries were brought to England by Henry VIII's gardener, and soon enough, cherry orchards adorned the English countryside. The fruit gained prominence and became associated with the beauty and abundance of nature.

18th Century

Cherries in America

Cherries made their way to America in the 18th century with European settlers. George Washington, the first US president, was well-known for his fondness for cherries. Legend has it that he even chopped down a cherry tree as a child!

20th Century

Cherry Blossom Festivals

In the 20th century, the term 'cherry' took on a new meaning during the emergence of Cherry Blossom Festivals. These festivals celebrate the beauty of cherry blossoms, which symbolize renewal and the fleeting nature of life. Cities like Washington, D.C. and Tokyo host magnificent cherry blossom festivals each year, attracting visitors from around the world.

Did you know?

Did you know that cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan?


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